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Gaining ‘Power’ With Vinicius Machado

Gaining ‘Power’ With Vinicius Machado
Photo Credit: Issac Sterling - Vinicius wardrobe: Tiffani Chynel

Power is something everyone wants, no matter what they say when you ask them. We want to be in control, to be able to have a hold on someone else and more importantly what happens to us. However, as it has in movies and television shows power comes at a heavy price. In Hollywood it seems like all the adventure movies, TV shows and so forth the bad guys are always on a quest for power and that can turn out poorly for our hero. In the new Starz series, Power, you are brought into a world of power, greed and love and each episode you’re left wondering which of the three will win.

The show is brought to life by a cast of actors who are some of the most talented in the business including the super sexy and talented, Vinicius Machado who plays, Nomar Arcielo on this new Startz hit series. Machado brings something extra special to the cast and provides a screen presence that leaves viewers breathless and desperate for more. We were recently given the chance to speak with Machado about his role on this new thrilling series.

BECCA ROSE: What can you tell our readers about, Power?

VINICIUS MACHADO: Power is about the "American Dream" in essence, and all the consequences reserved for those who achieve it, whether by legit or crooked ways! 

BR: What was it about Nomar Arcielo that first intrigued you?

VM: His unflinching nature! His courage to love and pursue his heart’s desire beyond anyone’s view and or opinion! I love his determination.  

BR: What has been the most difficult thing about the filming process?

VM: The Extreme Cold weather! We even got snowed out a few times. Being naturally more inclined to tropical weather due to my upbringing, made my blood stream unease to say the least when we shot outside! 

BR: Why should our readers watch, Power?

VM: Other then it being a Bilingual show, gritty in its delivery, intense and highly sexually stimulating? Okay, I'll give you something to consider. It's structured like a movie. There's so many diverse characters and they all fit the storyline and each other’s lives perfectly! The pace is incredibly fast, entertaining you every second without over doing it, and without under cutting you with substantial and captivating story telling. It's freaking AWESOME! 

BR: Other than acting what are you most passionate about?

VM: Producing and Writing. But more than anything else in life, my wife and kids! 

BR: Do you have any other projects in the works that we can tell our readers about?

VM: Catch me on a new Feature called Swaggy, a Self-produced Horror I'll be filming this summer called "Abandoned", I'm also fast tracking right now a self-written and produced Web Series called "Five Stages of Love", and we just finished the last color corrections on another one of my films called "By Chance", which we hope to hit the festivals with. I'm in another Feature Film titled "Misfortune" shot in Arizona, which I heard is going to Sundance next year, and "Sunken City", another feature I was in is currently out on pay per view and digital downloads.

BR: Where can our readers keep up with you? Are you on social media?

VM: Twitter-Actorvinicius, Facebook-Actor.vinicius, Instagram-Actorviniciusmachado,


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