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Game Of Thrones From A Newbie’s Point Of View

A newbie's take on Game of Thrones
Game Of Thrones From A Newbie’s Point Of View
Photo Credit: HBO
I’m ashamed to admit it but I only recently, and in recently I mean last night, started watching Game of Thrones. Of course, since I do not live under a rock, I have heard many things about the HBO series. When people find out that I had not been watching the show I am ridiculed and lectured. I do love the fantasy genre but I have so many shows to catch up on adding a new one didn’t really seem like the logical thing to do. Besides, HBO had already given me True Blood did I really need another addictive HBO series to watch?
I knew very little about the series other than it was based on a series of very popular and long books and that a character named Jon Snow was extremely popular with the female population.
After much deliberation and a lot of procrastinating I asked my best friend if I could borrow her DVDs from season one. I snuggled in under my blankets on my couch with a cup of hot apple cider and popped in the first disc of season one. I watched in much anticipation as the episode opened with a very strange scene of a young boy running through the words being chased by large creatures with incredibly freaky eyes.
Almost immediately I was completely confused. I didn’t get the concept of the creatures in the woods or why they beheaded the elder man and not the young boy. None-the-less I continued on my Game of Thrones journey flying through the first 4 episodes as though they were mere half hour excursions.
I found myself completely enraged by the end of the 3rd episode at Lena Headey’s character, Queen Cersei of House Lannister. Which was surprising considering I usually like her characters. Queen Cersei is a vicious (insert desired cuss word) and I found myself wishing her death. This is something I’d never done before with her characters considering I loved her in 300 (2006) as Queen Gorgo and in The Mortal Instruments (2013) as Jocelyn Fray.
However, one character I was able to wrap my head around is the barbarian king, Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa). He is rough and large and dirty, exactly the type of barbarian king I would expect from such a show. Though at first I wasn’t sure if his character was worthy of my attraction, I found myself pitying him and rooting for him.
Furthermore, I am beginning to see the Jon Snow obsession, though some episodes depicted him better than others. He is that rugged anti-hero type that I have always loved in television shows or films. Who doesn’t enjoy a man who can swoop in and save the day while showing off his skills in the process? Besides it is quite difficult to ignore and not been drawn to his incredibly sexy accent, though I am sure that is not why most people watch the show.
So my overall opinion of the first four episodes is…I need to watch more! I am still ultimately confused and a bit lost as to what is exactly happening but I am otherwise hooked. Okay I admit it, I see what the big deal is.

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