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Game On, in April

Game of Thrones Season 4 is back in April

Game On, in April
Image by Hypable

Have no fear, Season four is here.  That is correct all the graphic violence the domestic abuse and all the underage teenage girls being raped as “Game of Thrones” is known for will be back on HBO on April 17, 2014. Perhaps there will be more castrations and heads rolling?  Perhaps entire families will be slaughtered all at the same event or engagement during a “red wedding” .

Who knows, it’s a wonderful series until you realize that in the original books, most of those lead female characters are thirteen years of age and they are occasionally being fucked in the ass at every chance they can make it happen.

They have a formula for all the series on HBO , they usually do a graphic violent or graphic, pornographic sex display roughly every nine to eleven minutes, sometimes it’s more and sometimes it’s less.  The woman is almost always on top but that’s only so the director can showcase their perfect set of Hollywood boobs and body.  When the male is on top you miss seeing those perfect female curves so every director now pretty much shoots sexual scenes the same way.  Not just HBO series, I mean every movie, every rated R sex scene is almost always shot with the perfect female form being on top and in ecstasy.  I guess if you are a director, your male characters never get impotent or bored with the same position.

Well, it isn’t real, we all know that (I hope)  because real love comes in with the heart and the soul, you feel and respond to every move your partner makes and it isn’t about looking great while your fake boobs never move at all during an intense sex scene.

They talk about how the magazine models make women feel inferior to all those photo shopped images but, sincerely, I wonder if these HBO series lends a quality or two or three to the superiority of photo shopping those visual images in addition to the magazines.   It is passionless sex while being ingrained in your brain that this is what making love is all about.

I love “Game of Thrones” too and I think it is an amazing series, the scenery and costumes are so realistic and beautiful and expensive.  All the characters have endless selfish motives of power and greed, with the exception of one John Snow, who is one of the best characters on the show.

Peter Dinklage plays his debauched, drunken, scandalous, greedy, character with such grace and shamelessness, he is possibly one of the greatest cinema characters to have ever been invented, he is a scoundrel but at least he is no hypocrite, and on his own wedding night he refuses to rape his much younger bride, in a move that makes him so much of a hero and yet a flawed and respectful man.  He is the scapegoat of his family and he knows he is the outcast.  I cannot help but love him for he is the ever present underdog.



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