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Gang Initiations, Hero Gas Attendants and Evil Old Ladies; Fact or Fiction?

Are those horrifying emails and Facebook status updates about some dangerous situation involving gang initiations fact or fiction?
Gang Initiations, Hero Gas Attendants and Evil Old Ladies; Fact or Fiction?

You have  probably been browsing through your Facebook page and come across a post that reveals some pertinent information that must be passed along in order to save you and yours. Because you know when the police have something big to say they get right on the internet and start sending out emails to their friends. And those thoughtful and oh so considerate friends are kind enough to forward it onto a friend and they send it to their friends and before you know, some cop across the country has sent you an email.

Women seem to be the victims or targets in most of these horrifying scenarios that are played out in these warning emails. The header demands you send it on to your daughters, grandmas, mothers and every other female you know in an effort to save their lives from some nasty gangbanger or some other equally horrible monster. So are these scary messages of doom fact or fiction?

Money or Receipt on Windshield or Back Window

A woman walks out to her car, gets in and starts it up when she sees either a. a receipt or ticket of some sort under the wiper, b. a folded up $100 bill under the wiper. These papers may be on the front or rear wiper, depending on what version of the story you have heard. When the person (usually a female) gets out of the car, she is jumped from behind and her car is stolen. That is the most common version of this FICTIONAL tale. The original story is nearly 10 years old and was actually inadvertently started by a cop who used his work email account to send to the information to females in his life and wham, bam, thank-you ma’am it blew up and since a cop passed along the info, it absolutely had to be true. It isn’t true now and it wasn’t true then.

Old Lady in Parking Lot

The next scary tale involves a sweet little old lady who was more like the wolf who tried to pull off the grandma in Little Red Riding Hood. This doozy started back in 2005 and keeps rearing its ugly head. A woman gets out of her car and heads into Target when an old lady sitting in her car yells out she needs help. In this story, the woman miraculously remembers an email outlining this same scenario and rushes into the store. The female manager goes out to help the old lady and is ambushed by a man waiting in the backseat who has grand plans to rape her. A nearby cop rescues the Target manager before anything bad happens and discovers the old woman was part of the dastardly scheme. It is fictional and every variation is also fictional. It never happened.

Gas Attendant Saves the Day

This story is probably the scariest for women. A woman puts her card in the reader at the pump, gets gas and then the attendant suddenly comes over the speaker demanding the woman come inside because the card didn’t work or was declined. The woman is ticked off and ready to rip into the gas attendant when she is informed there is a man hiding in her backseat ready to do her harm. This is a fictional story that has been around for 30 plus years. It has evolved with the times, but it is still just an urban legend. Thank goodness!

Gang Initiations

Every year there is some new scary gang initiation that typically involves women as targets. One of the scariest is the one about a carseat being left on the side of the road and when a woman stops to investigate she is jumped by the lurking gang. It isn’t true. Neither is the same gang initiation theory about eggs being thrown at a car window in an attempt to get the person to stop and then said person is jumped. Of course the old favorite is cars driving with their headlights off at night and the first person who flashes them gets beat down. 

These rumors spark fear among women who are already worried enough. Before you pass along any scary doomsday type email, check Snopes. No need to keep these ridiculous stories alive.

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