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Gas Prices At $3.65 to $3.74 Next Year

Gas Prices At $3.65 to $3.74 Next Year
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According to gas prices will be going through some major changes next year. The website tracks gasoline prices across the country and keeps up with the latest regional activities.


The said in great details that indeed they will be huge swings and regional volatility in 2014. GasBuddy is suggesting that once all the final figures are calculated the average price next year will fall by about 10 cents a gallon from this year’s numbers. The yearlong average would be somewhere at $3.40 for the first time since 2010. Motor fuel averaged $2.78 gal for the year.


Retail prices are expected to peak on average around $3.83 a gallon in the spring. Georgia prices are expected to be the second lowest in the country at $3.65 to $3.74 a gallon. The neighboring states such as South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama are among those with the lowest peak prices. However, Florida is one of the eight “lower 48” states that will have the highest peak prices of more than $4 a gallon.


The usual risk still exists such as U.S. refinery maintenance, storm threats, disruption in the Middle East and North Africa. However, 2014 predicts to be a year that will find more consistent downward pressure on U.S. prices than any year since the Great Depression.





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