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George W. Bush- Watercolor Enthusiast

Have you ever wanted to hang a mediocre piece of art on your wall that depicts the anguish of the top 1%'s horribly ugly k-9 counterparts? If you are thinking, “more than anything,” then luck is on your side.
George W. Bush- Watercolor Enthusiast
Former president and American badass, George W. Bush, has become a watercolor enthusiast in his vast amount of free time. Dubya took up the brush, and a few years ago released a very odd assortment of small, fluffy, indoor dogs and cats and also some very weird bathroom scenery paintings.
But now Bush has decided that the realm of cute and fluffy was just a childish phase, for now he has chosen a more mature route for his next series. He will now focus on painting political figures.
Where do the heroics end?
The New York Times reports:
After early self-portraits in the shower and then dozens of paintings of dogs and cats, Mr. Bush, it seems, has now moved on to world leaders. He told [Glassman] that he wanted to produce portraits of 19 foreign presidents and prime ministers he worked with during his time in the White House.
Thanks to a loan hacker named Guccifer, the world became privy to W.'s sanitary-themed bathroom paintings. After the copies were posted to the web, glorious George did what any American hero would have done and rolled with the punches.
By embracing his love for art and four-legged critters, W. has opened up to the world and posted some of his works on his own accord, and now that his politically based new chapter in art genius is in the works, the art community is basically gnawing its fingers off in anticipation as to what is to come out of this master's head and onto the canvas.
Here are a few guesses as to who may the subjects in this journey of mastermind:
Vladimir Putin – Both W. and Putin entered and exited office at the same time. The copious amount of photographs taken of these two leave no doubt in anyone's mind that these two are probably best buddies who stay up late playing Halo together while gorging themselves on Hot-Pockets and Mountain Dew.
Gordon Brown – England’s ex prime minister received a totally gangster-style handshake from Bush back in 2008. It took Brown by surprise, but he stayed in good humor. He had probably never been in the presence of someone with so much street cred before.
Tony Blair – Another former British PM that bush was total besties with. A painting of this fine sir would do little to pay homage for the grammar lessons he tried to give W.
George Bush Sr. - Good genetics is something to be thankful for. Perhaps little W. will paint his honorable saint of a father to crystallize those perfect cheek bones and man-chin for all time.

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