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Gilligan's Island Movie: The Cast to Make it Successful

Gilligan's Island is set to get the movie treatment.
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Just sit right back and read a tale of one of the most beloved television series. Gilligan’s Island is headed to the big screen. As Hollywood grasps at straws to attract audiences, they have been revisiting old movies and old television series and turning them into big budget films that they hope will be cash cows. For some, this is not good news. These older shows are like treading on sacred ground. There is a pretty good chance they can ruin it all and forever leave a bad taste in your mouth about something you remember so fondly. If you don’t know what Gilligan’s Island is or never watched it, quit reading. This is before your time.

Josh Gad, who made The Book of Mormon into a huge success, has been asked to write the script that will turn the 7 castaways into a feature-length film. He will get some help from a couple of experts and of course, star in the film. The children of the original producer of the series will act as executive producers. So, looking at Gad, you have to think, which character will he play? Because of course he will star in the film as well. Early guesses, which seem to be pretty accurate, have the man playing the lead role of the Skipper. Although, there is another rumor suggesting he is shooting for the role of Gilligan. Um, no. That just doesn’t work. How about Dan Long or Zach Braff for Gilligan? If Gad does go for the Gilligan role, how about John Goodman for the Skipper?

Now it is time to speculate about who the rest of the castaways aboard the S.S. Minnow will be. Early rumors suggest Nicole Kidman could be filling the role of the fiery redhead, Ginger. MTV has picked Megan Fox to star as the Hollywood leading lady who gets stranded on a deserted island. The Professor needs to be someone like Paul Rudd. Somebody who can own the character, add a bit of humor that will be too cute for Ginger to ignore.

Mary Ann is a tough one. Jennifer Lawrence seems like the perfect girl, but her star is a little too bright to be playing a supporting role like that. Who else could do it? Maybe Megan Fox could play the farm girl instead. Amy Adams is another suggestion for Mary Ann.

Ok, next are the Howells. Older, rich people. Emma Thompson would work, but again, her star status may be a bit too big for this film. If John Goodman can’t be the Skipper, can we have him as Mr. Howell? Or Hugh Laurie would be a good fit. Rene Russo is a personal favorite, but she doesn’t have that frumpy look the original Mrs. Howell had. Maybe a little movie magic with the help of a script tailored to her would work. How about Kirstie Alley? She wants to work again.

Of course, all of this could be for not. Just because the script is being written, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will actually get made. And if it does get picked up, it could be on a low-budget, which means you would get a cast you have never heard of before. Some things are better left alone. This is certainly one of those times. Gilligan’s Island is iconic. We liked it for what is was and it just seems so wrong to try and spin it to fit today’s society.


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