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Glee Says Goodbye To One Of Their Own

Glee pays tribute to the late Cory Monteith

Glee Says Goodbye To One Of Their Own
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As writers were are supposed to be able to throw all of our emotions into a story or article however, after watching Thursday night’s episode of Glee it is hard to find the words to describe the emotions that came across the screen and into the hearts of viewers. In one of the most gut-wrenching episodes of the entire series of the typically upbeat musical comedy, the cast of Glee said goodbye to Cory Monteith and his incredibly lovable character, Finn Hudson.

The episode opened with Finn already having died and the funeral already taken place three-weeks prior. This was a smart move by creator, Ryan Murphy, as not to put the cast, crew and the fans through that kind of torture. Furthermore, no explanation was given as to how the character died, as Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer), Finn’s step-brother said the way Finn died was not important. What was important was remembering the impact he had on his loved one’s lives.

As the depressing episode continued fans were pulling tissues out of the tissue boxes by the hundreds as cast members grieved and mourned the loss of their friend. However, one face was noticeably missing from three-fourths of the episode, Rachel Barry (Lea Michele), Monteith’s on and off-screen girlfriend. Fans have been behind the actress since the actor’s death his summer and have been doing all they can to show her their support and their love during these incredibly difficult times.

With the absence of Michele it was up to the rest of the cast to pay tribute to their late friend and they did through carefully picked songs including, “I’ll Stand By You,” sung by Mercedes Jones (Amber Riley), “If I Die Young,” sung by Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera), who broke down mid-song and ran out of the room screaming. Another excellent choice for such a solemn and depressing episode is the James Taylor hit, “Fire and Rain,” sung by the entire Glee Club, “No Surrender,” performed by Noah Puckerman (Mark Salling), Monteith’s on and off-screen best friend, but perhaps the most difficult song to watch was the one sung by Lea Michele herself near the end of the episode, “To Make You Feel My Love.”
The entire cast sobbed as Michele did her best to belt out the words to the incredible emotional song a task that was clearly near impossible to do. The memorial episode was done with such class and grace showing the actors raw emotion over the loss of their friend, an episode that was filmed all with one take as the actors were unable to get through a second or third take.

The memorial episode came with mixed emotions by those who both loved the actor and those who believe the media is glamorizing his drug addiction. Despite what opinions people might have about the way Monteith died, he was a person who was loved by many people and from what has been said about him, he was a kind-hearted and giving person. While drug addiction is nothing to be glamorized, Monteith should not be remembered or defined for his addiction, rather he should be remembered and defined for the positive impact he had on those who knew, loved and respected him.

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