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Google Asks The FCC To Open Up Some More Bandwidth

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Google Asks The FCC To Open Up Some More Bandwidth

GOOGLE-- There is no secret about Google earning most of their revenue through ads, and recently the giant tech company has been looking to potentially offer more of their services free of charge citywide. Google has been talking to the FCC about opening up an unused low frequency radio spectrum to “potentially” offer free or cost effective data in urban areas.

This is good news for busy city areas if the FCC allows this, but it still wouldn't mean Google would own it as they have simply asked for it to be available from what is known so far. The 600 to 700Mhz range is the normal operating areas for mobile carriers due to the long distance capabilities while also moving in and throughout buildings easily. Google has been asking about the 3.5GHz bandwidth, which is low range and not that convenient for use in national coverage.

Even though the signal isn't great at moving data great distances, it can move a decent amount though short ones so it isn't useless to say the least. This could be a better option for WiFi in urban based areas like parks, stores, public transits and other high populated areas. Google could offer their search, YouTube videos, Gmail and other future projects free of charge with it if they do infact purchase it, if not other companies could take advantage of it to do the same.

No matter what the case may be, this would help drive a more competitive market as options open up in select areas. This could mean free data for advertisements, mobile payments, coupons, identifications, security checks, service announcements and more to just name a few ideas.

Google Fiber is a high speed network the company has been working on in expanding over the past 2 years or so, this could also be a way to help speed up or even improve the network access/coverage for certain aspects. It would be nice to see data usage under certain KB data intervals free of charge at some point in city based areas.

Let’s hope the FCC doesn't do something dirty like auction off the bandwidth, otherwise companies like AT&T or Verizon would most likely outbid everyone if Google doesn't get involved and then they would charge the most to consumers for the most mundane task. Google is one of the few big companies that offers the best option for consumers, a little personal information that is inevitably being stolen by all companies anyways, for free products and services like gmail, search, YouTube, Google Docs, Android and more. There is always the option to not use the potentially free or at least cost effective service, so it'll be up to a competitive market to offer other options, the key thing is to open up the bandwidth first.

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