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Google Maps Get's An Update For Mobile Devices, With Uber, Public Transit and 30 Days Of Offline Storage

Google rolls out an update for their Map application, from 30 day offline storage to public transit times.

Google Maps Get

Anywhere, Worldwide-- There is nothing worse than traveling somewhere new and knowing you are going to need a map to get around but are also pretty sure you won’t have an service as well, well Google maps has a feature that can allow you to store a map for 30 days. now this 30 day feature was just implemented in the new update, but the saving of maps for offline use has been around for sometime. Complaints are already starting to poor in with the new 30 day feature though, as users will be required to re-download the map once they are in service.

My question though about this so called hardship is if you don’t have data and have the map saved for offline use, then how will it know when the map is actually outdated? Could you manipulate the system clock like in the old day to trick the device into thinking it never passes 30 days. I’m sure this will be figured out soon, but until then, if you know you are going to be without service for longer that 30 days and relying on your smartphone or tablet the entire time, you may want to have another source for a map just in case.

The newest Google Maps application roll-out is version 8.0 and the new 30 day offline saving is not just the only update added. Users can now add their own title to the saved map as well as access those saved maps directly from within the Google Maps application itself. As long as the feature to automatically update the maps over WiFi is available I’m sure the problems will be limited, if that is not available then Google will need to add it promptly or I can see some issues arise.

Another new feature that was added to the Google Maps application is the ability to book a ride with Uber, plan a future trip and even check public transit times. Uber is the newest car service that has gone globe and users will be able to compare transit times with their services and the public transit side by side to see which route suites your needs. Once the Uber application is downloaded, then a user will have an icon from within Google maps available to book a ride quickly and with ease.

All in all this is another update by Google that seems to be taking things in the right direction, and as the rumored “Android Silver” comes to the public, will we start to see a smoother “Google Ecosystem” for users to enjoy. Another thing to take into consideration is Google’s Project Loon, in which having to worry about offline map downloads may be a thing of the past.

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