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Google's Android Is Looking To Build A Virtual Reality Platform

The world in which we live is going digital, again


GOOGLE-- The virtual reality scene has really been heating up over the past 14 months and the latest notion is only going to add to the flame. Google has created a team of engineers who will be working on a version of Android that will support virtuality applications. Just like the current version of Android, the virtual reality model will be free of charge as it would only make sense since Android is the worlds most popular mobile OS, and not by a small margin.

Last year Facebook shelled out $2 million in the purchase of Oculus Rift, the company that really made virtual reality a possibility for everyone ranging from a video gamer to any old regular people looking to take their entertainment level to a whole new level. Earlier this year at the annual Consumer Electronics Show(CES) there were a few new companies who have shown off their future aspirations into the virtual reality market.

Razer, a company that showed off their open sourced virtual reality platform OSVR at CES caught some attention, while companies like Sony have been hard at work for two years working on “Project Morpheus” which will take their gaming platform to the next level.

Then there was the Mobile World Conference which is also annually that just finished the other week, this year in Barcelona. HTC and Valve had the best captivated audience to date having shown off their device at MWC. Even though the facemask like device was huge, users stated that is was the best interpretation of virtual reality out of all available options.

The only “non beta” VR device to go mainstream so far has been Samsung with their Gear VR. However you will need to own a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to use it, though more headsets should become an option as new devices are released. It retails for $200 and at this point in time I wouldn't recommend it to everyone, only those that are tech enthusiasts who don;t made things being a little skeptical in the quality in which the VR is used.

Google jumping into the VR games was a no brainer and should serve as a strong pusher to raise the standards for all manufactures building VR devices for consumers. More information is rumored to be released when Google holds their annual “Google I/O” which is will be held on May 28th and 29th in San Francisco, California.

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