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Google's DriverLess Cars Get A New Look, Steering Wheels & Pedals Become A Thing Of The Past

The Gates To Disneyland Have Busted Open, Google's Recent Driver-less Car Betas Look Like Rides For Audlts


GOOGLE-- While hundreds of children daily are begging their parents to get in line to the latest ride at Disneyland, it looks like Google will bring the “adult” rides to your front door. There is no shortage of rumors and talk about Google's self driving cars and their expected 2018 date in which they go mainstream, however recent news has shown exactly what Google has in mind and what could be parked in your garage.

Although Google is keeping up on their promise in making sure they have self driving cars available to the masses by the proposed 2018 year, it will probably be pushed back do to our friendly politicians who are always doing what’s best for us (caugh caugh). THis is especially true since our politicians are usually a bit older and stuck in the past, and now that the most recent version of the “Google car” has no steering wheel(literally), it will bring even more scepticism.

In the past the Toyota Prius has been the model of all Google’s self driving cars, (you can see it here) but the newest models are taking it to a whole other level. With removing the pedals, steering wheel and brakes, these new models will seem more as a Disney ride than an actual car. Red flags are no doubt going off in many heads as they picture driving 100’s of miles without any control, whether it’s in bad weather or during an emergency, and those thoughts are justified.

What if though, that these cars are only used(to start off with) in major cities like New York, London, San Francisco, Tokyo and so on? Just think of what Uber has done so far, but then removing the need of a driver and having a business model similar to works. Just pay a monthly fee in the same sense as a commuter train offers or a one time payment and then plug in your destination and let the car take you to your destination without having to return the car.

Better yet, what if a car can take you somewhere and then it returns itself to a “charging” port when you are dropped off. You could set up a schedule to have a car return to pick you up at your location or a future location. The ideas are endless as soon as the regulars and money grubbers back off and let our society evolve.


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