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Governor Rick Scott Is The DUH in FloriDUH Over Recent News About Banning Words

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Governor Rick Scott Is The DUH in FloriDUH Over Recent News About Banning Words

FLORIDA-- Oh how I love the digital age we live in and the eventual transparency that comes to pass about those that hold a position of power. New revelations have emerged that the Governor of Florida Rick Scott(R) had actually put a ban on a few words. These words were “Climate Change”, “Global Warming”, “Sustainability” and were placed on several consultants, employees and volunteers of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

News broke when many of these individuals who formerly worked in one way or another at the FDEP came out and talked about it openly. Christopher Byrd was the former attorney with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and made some comments on the news, "It's an indication that the political leadership in the state of Florida is not willing to address these issues and face the music when it comes to the challenges that climate change presents".

This ban on freedom of speech by Rick Scott was passed down to his newly appointed director of the Florida DEP Herschel Vineyard. When Vineyard took his position of power it was only a short time before Christopher Byrd got word that those words were a no go.

Money talks and big corporations are doing all they can to silence those that are looking for the well being of the masses and not simply looking to take advantage of them. In past years Florida has been known to rig presidential elections, being the cocaine capital of America as well as murder capital. The citizens are not the problem, not by a long shot but their state government is in need of a major overhaul.

Going forward this story is going to get really interesting on how it will be dealt with, chances are there will be some distractions and under the table payments going on to try and put the story of track. Speaking about “Global Warming” though, VICE came out with a new episode on their HBO series that takes the crew down to Antarctica to fly with NASA and see first hand at what’s going on. If you do not have HBO you can always use Google to find it or even download Popcorn Time or Showbox on your mobile device and it along with any other TV show or movie. You're Welcome.

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