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Graph TV - An Awesome Website for Movie Buffs

Now you can see at a glance if everyone agrees with you on that particular episode or season.

Graph TV could quite possibly be the coolest website for your favorite television shows.  Why?  Because all you need to do is pop your favorite show into the search box, and it will show you a color-coded line graph for every season, complete with every episode that has aired thus far, ranked in terms of how they were voted on  You can see at a glance which seasons and episodes were viewers’ favorites overall. 

For example, typing in “Doctor Who” will show that you’re not alone in thinking that its quality as of late has gone downhill (both metaphorically and now figuratively, thanks to the graph), while a search for Breaking Bad will show how ratings simply exploded the longer it aired.

Each episode is represented as a dot on the graph, and it’s always entertaining to see which dots are closer to the top and which are lingering near the bottom.  Hovering over the dot will give you the name of the episode, the number of the episode, the season from whence it came, its average rating, and the number of votes tallied.

Also included (if you scroll down to the bottom) are links to Netflix, Wikipedia, and IMDB, as well as the ranking for the entire show overall, complete with total vote count.

Clicking on each dot will take you to that episode’s respective IMDB page, just in case you need a refresher on what that particular episode was about.  Let’s take a look at some popular (and formerly popular) television shows to see which episodes had everybody buzzing.

Mad Men

No surprise here - everyone’s favorite episode of Mad Men is “The Suitcase” (season 4, episode 7), and rightfully so.  It came in with an average rating of 9.4 from 1,375 total votes.  To date, the show’s worst episode is apparently the second episode of the first season, entitled “Ladies Room” with a 7.6.  Approval for the seasons are pretty steady, with the exceptions of seasons 4 and 5 which hovered around “meh.”

Full House

With Candace Cameron-Bure appearing on Dancing with the Stars and that seriously creepy Jimmy Fallon version of Full House, the ‘90s hit has been popping up everywhere lately, so let’s see how it does in the polls.  Voters rated season four’s eleventh episode, “Secret Admirer,” to be the best ever episode of the show with an 8.6, while the second season’s fifth episode, “Jingle Hell,” takes the bottom with a 6.0.  Approval for the seasons overall is like a rollercoaster ride - up and down, then uuuupppp...and down again.


If you thought the most recent Christmas episode was not only the worst-ever Glee Christmas special but also the worst episode in the show's history, then you’ll find yourself in good company here.  Season Five’s eighth episode, “Previously Unaired Christmas,” is all alone down there on the graph with a 6.1, while the tribute to the late Finn Hudson/Cory Monteith, “The Quarterback” (the third episode from the same season) is tops with a 9.2. 

Save for a spike in season three, approval for the seasons overall has been traveling downward, and it reminds us of what we heard back in high school about drug use - “you’ll never get as high again as your first high.”

The Walking Dead

Considering the juggernaut The Walking Dead is in the ratings department, its graph is surprisingly bland.  Season two is rated its best thus far, though it was this year’s episode “Too Far Gone” (season 4, episode 8) that has been ranked the best of all time with a 9.7.  The season also saw the show’s worst episode yet with “Still” (episode 12) coming in at a 6.8. 

It’s surprising that this show continues to do so well, since it had such a steep drop in its first season.  The second season has been its best season thus far.  Its third season was seemingly its worst, while the fourth season that we’re in now has been holding its own, despite being rather scattered on its episode-by-episode rating.

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