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Guild Hall Academy of Arts Awards Honors Some of the Best

The Guild Hall Academy of Arts Honors

Guild Hall Academy of Arts Awards Honors Some of the Best
Photo Credit: NY Daily News

Awards season is still in full swing and although the Academy Awards have come and gone leaving us with a pang of sadness that it was not up to par with what we hoped it would be, we are still looking forward to the more exciting awards such as MTV Movie Awards. This show is one that we know will be entertaining and a lot more laid back than the spectacle that are the Academy and Grammy awards.

In the meantime there are a few awards that are still going on that not many people know about but they are just as important as any others. One particular awards ceremony that took place this week was the Guild Hall Academy of Arts Awards that honored performing arts legends such as Blyth Danner and Barbara Walters, who plans on retiring this year.

The awards ceremony took place at the beautiful Sothebys on York Avenue in Manhattan. The building itself was made of glass and some grey steel that gave it a somewhat unique look but only because of the building’s shape. Inside the grey carpet was waiting filled to the brim with media. So what is the massive appeal of media outlets such as the Daily News and Extra? Alec Baldwin of course.

The 30 Rock actor was the host of the awards ceremony and has certainly been in the news lately with some outlandish behavior and the announcement that he was planning on moving out of New York and away from the entertainment business.

It came as no surprise that Baldwin, although willing to have his picture taken, was none too thrilled with the idea of being interviewed by anyone other than Extra. This writer tried to mooch off of their interview however, Baldwin was quick to lower his voice as journalist recorders began to appear in his face.

Ce la vie, random Guild members came and went some stood for pictures while others did all they could to by pass the media line altogether. However, the highlight of the night was one of the honorees, Barbara Walters.

Ms. Walters looked stunning in her blue jacket and was all smiles despite her announcement that she would be retiring later this year after an unbelievable career. However, according to The View host and the journalist known for her special on the most interesting people in the world said of her retirement that it, “feels like the right time.” She will not be “riding off into the sunset,” just yet though.

The journalist has interviewed everyone from Tom Cruise to former presidents however, if Walters could interview one last person before allowing the sun to set on her career she would choose, “the Pope.”

“I want someone to hold back,” Walters said of her wishing the Pope would be her final interview. With all her interviews she has never once had someone hold back and she feels the Pope would. Whether she gets her wish or not her career feels like a, “lifetime achievement,” and we will certainly miss her when she finally steps down as the Queen of journalism.

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