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Gut-Wrenching Television Moments

Heartbreaking TV 

Gut-Wrenching Television Moments

Television has a way of latching on to us and pulling our heartstrings, dependent upon the show you’re watching that is. Many shows, especially the series that audiences become attached too this includes the comedies. While the comedy series aren’t always gut wrenching they have their fair share of tear-jerking moments. It is the dramas however, that truly bring the sad to life. So here are some of the most heartbreaking and gut wrenching moments in television history, sort of.


8 Simple Rules – When John Ritter died the writer’s of the ABC Family comedy were forced to write off his character on the show. In order to pay tribute to Ritter, who died suddenly of a heart condition no one knew about, the writer’s killed off his character in a heartbreaking moment on the comedy series. The entire episode was full of real tears both from the actors and audiences because they knew the motive behind the episode.

Buffy the Vampire SlayerThis was one of the first forbidden love stories between a human and a vampire, a vampire who doesn’t sparkle mind you. Buffy was the ultimate slayer chosen to hunt and kill all things evil and Angel was a sexy and mysterious vampire with a dark past. When Angel is finally given one moment of true happiness his soul is taken from him and he is once again Angelous the murderous and heartless vampire. When he opens a portal to Hell and threatens the entire world, Buffy is left with no other choice then to slay her former lover and send him straight to Hell in an incredibly sad moment at the end of season 2.

One Tree Hill – The episode when Jimmy brings a gun to school was one of the most intense episodes of the entire series but when he kills himself and then Dan shoots Keith, his own brother, our tears fell like waterfalls. The entire episode was tough, school gun violence is so prominent in our world, and this episode brought to life the reality of what the shooter (depending upon the situation) might have gone through. That is if the violence was due to repeated bullying.

Glee – The episode when the Glee club pays tribute to Finn Hudson, following Cory Monteith’s tragic death. The world was shocked and saddened when news came flooding in about Cory Monteith’s untimely death. He was well-known for being incredibly kind and approachable by all who knew and had the privilege of meeting him. And after his death all eyes turned to Glee to see how they would handle the tragedy. The writer’s thought it would be best to kill off Monteith’s character but rightly so they did not explain how the character, Finn, died. The episode was heartbreaking and full of terribly sad songs none more so than Lea Michele’s character, Rachel’s, song.

Grey’s Anatomy – While this author is not a fan of Katharine Heigel or the character she played on the hit ABC series, Grey’s Anatomy, one couldn’t help but break down when Izzie’s fiancé, Denny suddenly died and his former doctor and love of his life lay beside his dead body sobbing. This scene was so powerful and one of the saddest moments of the series.


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