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Halloween Candies – The Best And The Worst

The best and worst Halloween candies

Halloween Candies – The Best And The Worst
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Halloween is quite literally around the corner and you know what that means, it is time to stock up on as much candy as you possibly can. Supermarkets, pharmacies and other convenience stores are months ahead of you and have already put out their best sales and candies, so the consumer has no excuse. If trick or treaters come to your door and you have nothing of substance to give them, you better be prepared for a trick. In order to help you avoid the trickery of the angered trick or treaters at your door, this writer has compiled a list of the best and worst Halloween candies for you to choose from.

Let’s start with the best candies; you know the ones that kids go crazy for:

Kit Kat – Give kids a “break,” with this delicious chocolate and cookie wafer Halloween classic. Of course, be aware there is a chance you will get the catchy Kit Kat jingle stuck in your head as you pass out this delicious treat.

Starburst – So how do they get them so juicy? That is still to be seen but kids gobble up this juicy treat like there is no tomorrow. You will always win big with these. We highly recommend making sure you have plenty of red and pink ones to hand out, those are a kid’s favorite.

Twix – Left or right side it doesn’t matter these caramel chocolate bars are to die for and have become an instant Halloween classic.

Pop Rocks – That’s right the 80s hit candy, that caused controversy when rumors spread that if you mix pop rocks with coke you’re insides would explode, are back! Kids love the way these candies fizzle inside their mouth and this sensation is both trick and treat for them.

Butterfinger – Come on who can resist crispy, crunchy peanut butter and chocolate combined into one sensational candy bar. Stock up because these will go quickly.

Snickers – This is perhaps one of the most popular candy bars on the Halloween menu both in regular and fun size.

Now lets get into some of the worst Halloween candies:

Smarties – These may be popular because there are a lot in one bag but they are really not very tasty and this can cause kids to think twice about going to your house the following Halloween.

Raisins – Okay seriously? If a kid wanted raisins they would ask their parents to go shopping for healthy snack foods. No kid wants to see a box of raisins hit their candy basket on Halloween so don’t even try it.

Pencils – Do we really need to explain why this non-candy is simply unacceptable?

Good & Plenty – These may be your classic Halloween treat but this generation of children doesn’t always have a taste for licorice anymore. It is more of an acquired taste.

Candy Corn – This may surprise you as one of the worst but the simple fact is these little candies can make one feel instantly queasy and sick to their stomachs.

Bubble Gum – Face it guys this is fun to chew for around 10 seconds and then it becomes a rubbery mess of tasteless annoyance.

We hope this list has helped you with your Halloween candy decisions this year and may it give you a successful night of pleasing trick or treaters dressed in their best and scariest Halloween costumes.

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