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Halloween – Spooky, Twisted and Wonderful


Halloween – Spooky, Twisted and Wonderful

It’s ghoulishly cold out and the witches are in full swing flying through the air on their brooms. This can only mean one thing…it’s Halloween time again! So prepare yourselves for encounters with spooky stories, vampires, werewolves and all kinds of monsters, oh and of course a ton of candy! Halloween’s origins can be traced back to the “ancient pagan festival celebrated by Celtic people well over 2,000 years ago.” What was once called, “All Hallows’ Eve,” and it was said that the Celtics believed that the dead would rise and rejoin the living for just one night. Sounds like zombies to me! The definition of Halloween is, “hallowed” evening or “holy evening.” Although I’m not really sure what is so holy about eating so much candy you can barely function. Of course, back then it wasn’t all about dressing up as crazy characters and going around one’s neighborhood collecting candy but it has evolved greatly into the wonderfully delicious tradition we have today.

Then of course, there are the horror movies and the scary marathons television networks decide to show. What could be better than sitting home with your loved ones with a bag of candy and giving yourself some thrills with horror movies. Some of the most popular Halloween films include, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Night of the Living Dead, among many other classic horror films. Additionally The Walking Dead has become an incredibly popular choice for people to watch back-to-back…bring on Daryl Dixon!

Now-a-days Halloween seems to be about who can wear the best outfits and collect the most candy and if you’re a girl of the age 17 and older it seems you want to outdo your friends on who can wear the skimpiest outfits. Whatever your Halloween traditions one thing is clear, it is a holiday of fun, frights and excitement.


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