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Has Facebook Finally Lost Its Edge?

Complaints about Facebook are coming in from all around the globe

Has Facebook Finally Lost Its Edge?
Facebook photo by Casey Johnson

According to some interesting news tidbits from around the news in the past few months, and people in general, Facebook may be going down.  People are getting bored of all the freaking advertisements the algorithms that rule their newsfeed and having certain people being cut off from their newsfeed entirely. 

Not only are the newsfeeds being controlled by these algorithms but the actual journalists who are submitting stories to the Facebook audience, well some of these stories are just downright absurd lies and embellishments of current stories or made up lies in order to gain viral momentum.  Which is funny because only the stories are ever recognized, never the authors.

During the Phillip Seymour Hoffman death situation someone actually wrote and submitted a story that it was all a hoax.  Actually there were several media stories telling of his death being a hoax according to Georgia Waters of The Sydney Morning Herald.  But the actual main story was traced back to which claims to be a satirical site.

According to Upworthy’s Chief Executive, Eli Pariser when he was asked about how his news algorithms were doing these days on Facebook he replied, “Based on my own reporting, I think it’s unlikely that those news feed changes are responsible for Upworthy’s apparent dip in Facebook traffic—if the dip is even real. Upworthy chief executive Eli Pariser told me his site’s metrics can fluctuate from month to month, so an apparent decline in December and January might be more accurately viewed as a regression from a one-time spike in November.”

Mr. Pariser also suggested that some of the news outlets that are doing well on Facebook are media outlets that are essentially buying traffic on Facebook. Pariser specifically mentioned the news outlet Buzzfeed as a media outlet that is paying facebook for their popularity.  Every now and then I hear these weird rumors about kids in India pressing the “like” key on news stories over and over again, could it be they are having an impact on what gains popularity on Facebook?

“It could be that BuzzFeed, unlike all those other sites, buys traffic from Facebook. BuzzFeed's business model is to create advertorials on and then get traffic to these advertorials by buying Facebook ads. If that's the reason, then the message Facebook is sending isn't so much that it wants “high quality” content for its News Feed. It’s that if you are a media company, and you depend on Facebook for your traffic, you better make sure Facebook is benefiting from your existence.”

It has also been suggested that many social media threads are beginning to get facelifts such as Twitter for one.  They need to compete with Facebook to stay in the social media game.

According to Robert Schoon of “Twitter has always been somewhat of a niche social network: the 140 character limit in itself is enough to ward off long-winded users, but the larger problem is a tough learning curve to fully take advantage of the network. While Facebook has basic actions like "post" and "comment," which has attracted the largest social media user base in the world -- even the technically un-inclined and old -- Twitter's amalgam of tweeting, retweeting, direct messaging, favoritism, following, and hashtags can be intimidating to new users.”


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