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Has Nicholas Sparks’ Divorce Killed Love?

Has Nicholas Sparks’ Divorce Killed Love?
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What happens when the author of some of the most romantic books in the world gets divorced? Women lose their faith in love and in humanity.

Bestselling romance author, Nicholas Sparks recently announced that he and his wife of 25-years are separating and women everywhere are beginning to doubt that love truly exists. Sparks is best known for writing such romantic books as The Notebook, The Vow, The Last Song, Safe Haven, The Lucky One among many other heart warming love stories. These books turned movies all have a common theme, true love. When someone writes epic love stories such as the above mentioned books it is hard to believe that that person will ever be without love, or worse, get a divorce. This announcement crushed people because how could a man so in-tune with love be divorcing?

In a statement made to People Magazine, Sparks said of the announcement, “This is, of course, not a decision we’ve made lightly. We remain close friends with deep respect for each other and love for our children. For our children’s sake, we regard this as a private matter.” Unfortunately for Sparks’ being of Hollywood fame, privacy isn’t something that comes with the territory.

Women want to know what went wrong between the pair and why the man they knew as someone who revitalized true love, was separating from his. There have been theories floating around social media, ones devised by fans, that the reason for the separation is something similar to that of The Notebook. Theories of some long lost love coming back and causing a rift between the couple. Of course, none of these theories are based on any facts nor are they credible they are simply the workings of women wanting to believe that Sparks’ romantic words still hold true.

The reason behind the separation remains to be seen but for now we'll just have to relive our epic love fantasies through Sparks’ sensational story writing. His divorce does beg the question, will he begin writing stories of divorce and heartbreak now?

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