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Hateful Church Group Protests Country Singer

As Christian people you figure someone who goes to church would learn to forgive-and-forget, but certainly not this group. The Westboro Baptist Church is doing what they do best, and protesting those who have sinned. But, this time their victims sing country music.
Hateful Church Group Protests Country Singer
You know it’s a slow day in America when the Westboro Baptist church decides to picket a Vince Gill concert. Some of you are scratching your head and thinking, “Vince who?” Well for those who don’t know, he is a country singer. His heyday was back in the 90s, but he is still around making music. It just isn’t quite as popular as Blake Shelton or Tim McGraw these days. No matter, he has still managed to get the attention of the people who thrive on hate.


So what has the country and sometimes gospel singer done to deserve the ire of one of the most despised churches in the country? Uh, well, actually it isn’t anything he has done in this decade, not even the last decade. These people are seriously grasping at anything they can to protest. Typically, they limit their protests to the funerals of those who have been killed while defending their country or young children who have been caught in the line of fire. Funerals are their thing, but it must be getting boring and now they are going after the living. Taylor Swift was recently graced with their presence outside of one of her concerts.


Okay, what is with the country music hate? Why not hate on Jay-Z or Chris Brown? Well, Vince Gill got caught in the group’s crosshairs because of his wife, Amy Grant. Well not exactly because of her, but because of what they did back in 1998. The country singers had an affair. Each happened to be married at the time. Therefore, they committed adultery. And you know they are the only two people in the music business who have ever committed such a horrible deed. Please note the sarcasm.


On Sunday, Vince was scheduled to perform at the Kauffman Center's Muriel Kauffman Theatre in Kansas City. Ironically enough, Taylor Swift’s concert that was protested was in Kansas City as well. Anyhow, somebody must have told Vince and he couldn’t believe it. He had to see it with his own eyes and headed to the sidewalk to get a look-see.


Now, we are all taught to ignore a bully and they will just go away, but sometimes it is so hard not to spar with them just a little. It is one sure way to show off superior intelligence and Vince couldn’t resist the opportunity. One of the women who was there to protest the country singer did her best to confront him as he looked around at the very few people who were standing there holding up silly signs.


The woman kept pestering him with redundant questions about the great sin he committed 15 years ago. When she asked why he was out there, he was blunt, “I came out here to see what hate looked like.” He seemed nonplussed by her ridiculous questions and turned the tables on her and asked if she had ever read some of the things in the Bible regarding forgiveness and what not. Either she hadn’t or she just skipped over that part, because that would interfere with her agenda of hate.


When Vince encountered a guy holding up a sign, the two exchanged a few words with each declaring neither cared what the other said or thought. But Vince won that round when he shot back, “Why are you here then?” And then, he delivered a final zinger that had to have left the protesters smarting a little. Vince asked if any of them were Phelpses. He was referring the main hate man, Fred Phelps. It looked as if he was ready to confront the man, but of course, Mr. Fred wasn’t there. The protest in front of the venue where an old-school country singer is performing isn’t exactly headline news and therefore very few cameras would be there. No fame, no point.


When nobody admitted to be related to the main man, Vince quipped, “Are you guys like the C team?” This little group could learn a little thing or two from the sinner known as Vince Gill. There are better ways of delivering insults. Standing around with a stupid sign is really getting old and nobody even notices anymore

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