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Hey Ubuntu Fans, Here's how to easily record your desktop

Recording your desktop can have many advantages on your Ubuntu PC, let's go through the process to getting your Ubuntu set up in a few easy and quick steps.

Hey Ubuntu Fans, Here


The Ubuntu, well actually the entire Linux community for that matter is a very out going and helpful community, though most PC users who have never experienced it may find the word 'Linux' a bit terrifying or think of it as complicated. Ubuntu is the most well know Linux distribution and maintains the most active users that is growing in size do to the nature of it's open-source software.. 

When running a  clean installation of Ubuntu, a 'Software Center' will be included but if for some reason a software center didn't get installed, you can view this other article I've written and find it in the mid-section. Click Here. From within the Ubuntu Software center you will see a search box in the top right, go ahead and type 'Recordmydesktop' and press enter. The search results will return the Recordmydesktop application that will have an installation link on the right side of the screen, horizontal to the icon. Initiate the installation by clicking the link, you may be required to enter your user password so make sure you know that.

 Once that's installed you will want to click on your applications tab on the main desktop, this is located on your application shelf which by default its located on the left side of the screen on top. In the search box that will pop up, type Recordmydesktop again and find the installed icon. Another solution may be to right click the desktop background and scroll to the applications tab, then to the Sound & Video tab and it should be located inside that section. 

Inside the Recordmydesktop application you will see a few options, click the Advanced button and open up a new screen with a few tabs. Each tab is an area to change some settings, such as recording the mouse, where the files are saved to or if you want to record audio. When you are finished you can close the Advanced window, then go ahead and click the record button and the process will start to take place, you will also notice in the top application bar, a Red Square.

Once you have started recording and at any time would like to stop the screen from being recorded, click that Red Square on the main navigation bar(this maybe on the bottom or sides depending on your desktop layout). You will have to wait some time for your video to render the recording before you to be able to view the video, the better the computer, the faster it will be. When the rendering has finished you will want to go where ever you set the save point in the Advanced window to find where the finished rendered video will be stored. 

Unless you recorded a perfect video and are happy with the results, you will need to bring the video file into a editing software of your choice. Just like this free desktop recording program, the Ubuntu software center has a few video editing programs to choose from. Write a comment below on any useful information you may feel is a positive contribution to this article and I may add it if it is indeed so.


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