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High Class Fashion is For Everybody

Finding the perfect dress to wear for all body shapes

High Class Fashion is For Everybody
photo by Jody Emmer

So it’s getting close to spring and every woman needs to find the perfect dress to wear to some sort of engagement that eventually will be on your agenda this spring or summer.  There are basic ideas to follow and easy steps to avoid altogether.  Colors in clothing also make a huge difference in looking better in them.  The basic black cocktail dress is always a perfect option to any summer engagement or truly any party, paired with heels or flats and a nice complimentary handbag. 

If you are pear-shaped with large hips and thighs you should avoid mini dresses and wear something a little longer such as an inch or two above the knee.  A plunging V neck will help draw attention away from your hips and put the focus elsewhere.

For a thick waist you want to elongate the appearance of a torso, to do that you should wear an empire or drop waist gown with no belts and in a darker color such as navy blue or forest green.

If you have heavy, out of shape, droopy arms avoid tank dresses like the plague and stick to something with cap sleeves or definitely a dress that hides your upper arms.

For a small bust try a scoop neck or bandeau neck with layered necklaces to draw attention away from your chest.

If you are amply endowed with a larger chest the most flattering form of dress would be a halter top or a deep V neck.  Try to find a fabric that skims your body and does not bind or fit too tightly, an A line skirt is always an option.

For the Plus size woman contrary to popular belief, do not wear oversize and baggy ill-fitting clothing, it is very unflattering and will make you look like a circus tent.  Try a draping material, and a wrap dress is quite flattering for the plus size body.

For the woman who is two thin, a sweater dress or a knit dress will add layers and bulk to your appearance.  If your legs are too skinny try a flowing material to move with you as you walk and ultimately creates an illusion which moves the eye away from the legs will be most helpful.

One dress that is perfect on anybody this season will be the shift dress as it is a popular option. It hangs from the shoulders and skims the body in a most flattering way.  They come in cool cotton material for summer so you will not be too hot in this kind of dress.

If you want to look thinner, you need to wear clothing that fits.  Do not wear baggy; oversize clothing it just adds pounds.  Avoid skinny jeans though; they do not look good on a woman with a tummy bulge. Go with boot cut jeans or fitted slacks that have stretchy material that fits your body.  Tunics are perfect for looking thinner, paired with black leggings it is the perfect outfit, it is quick and comfortable, and you can be dressed and ready in an instant. Tunics come in every material so finding something that is right for your body is where the art comes in, try on stuff and get some feedback, and have fun, fashion should be fun not a chore (thanks to


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