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Hollywood Is Killing Your Sex Life

Hollywood is killing your sex life, but you can do this to help stop it!
Hollywood Is Killing Your Sex Life
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Yes, that’s right.  I said Hollywood is killing your sex life.  How in the world could that be? There are gorgeous people in Hollywood and you get all worked up over them, right? Thinking about them just gets you in the mood and you can’t wait…

But WAIT!!!!

I’m not talking about pornography.  We all know (or at least I hope we all know) that the average human being just CAN’T do some of those things!  I’m talking major movie studios. You know that new romantic movie you are just dying to see?  That’s the one I’m talking about. A crush on the lead character can lead to some pretty exciting fantasies. As you watch the man woo his lady it is easy to fantasize about your guy doing some of the same things. Those steamy kisses where the hands are placed just right on each side of the face and the dude looks like he is going to eat her alive will set your heart racing and get you all revved up. And then you get home and he is on the couch with one hand on his package and the other holding the remote. The fantasy goes poof and you are forced to hold onto that image of the man on the big screen.


When you crawl into bed that night, you are hoping if you hold onto that image from the film that gorgeous Hollywood hunk will appear in your dreams. You can’t afford to have the big lug next to you interfering with your plans to dream about being wooed by a gorgeous, sensitive (but not overly so), thoughtful man who is convinced you are the center of the universe.




Your man reaches over and wants a little nookie. You figure maybe if you transfer the warm and fuzzy feelings onto your man, you could live out your fantasy. It doesn’t work. At least not as good as you had hoped. You are so busy trying to hold on to that fantasy, you are likely distracted and the real life action will never measure up to what you saw in the movies. This is how Hollywood is ruining your sex life. You want it all with the man you love and it just never seems to happen exactly as you had imagined.


And ladies, before you think you are the only one wishing your dude was some hottie off the big screen, he is doing the same thing. There is a reason these films are successful. It is because of the people like us who get all worked up over the leads in films. It is human nature to want what we don’t have. It is how you cope with that desire for somebody a little better looking, a little more suave and a little more caring.


Reality Check


Don’t let Hollywood ruin your sex life. Let’s throw a little ice cold water onto the situation. Those awesome words of love and heroic gestures are the work of a team of writers who are living out their own fantasies. It isn’t like the guys and gals acting out the part actually made up the words. And those perfectly places hands, lips and hips are choreographed with lighting strategically placed to make it look perfect. It is fantasy at its finest and it can certainly fuel your own fantasies but the trick is to mold your fantasies around your guy or girl. Think of what it is that you would love for your significant other to say or do. Tell them! Keeping it a secret isn’t going to help. Then wait for your own fantasy to unfold right before your very eyes. Hollywood will want to make a movie about your fabulous sex life!

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