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Hot Felon Has a Modeling Contract Waiting--If He Can Get Out of Jail

Jeremy Meeks aka the world's hottest felon, has a nice modeling contract waiting for him if he can ever get out of jail.
Hot Felon Has a Modeling Contract Waiting--If He Can Get Out of Jail
Credit: Stockton police department

Crime does pay. Who would have thought that a mug shot could make somebody rich? The world’s hottest felon became an internet sensation after a few trollers found his mug shot posted to the Stockton, California police website as one of their latest captures. From there, history was made. Women everywhere were swooning over the good looks of Jeremy Meeks and ignoring his extensive rap sheet. His mug shot picture looked like it could have appeared on a billboard or in a high fashion magazine. How does a man who seems to have it all in the looks department get to be so bad?

Well, first of all, if you do a little research you will see that he doesn’t normally look so chiseled and serious. His defined cheekbones and piercing stare in the police photo are nowhere to be seen in some other photos that have been dug up. He is handsome, if you like tattoos on the neck and face, but looking at his previous mug shots, he wasn’t always quite so dreamy looking. Jeremy, like fine wine, gets better with age.

Jeremy Meeks has become a celebrity while behind bars. He has given jailhouse interviews and proclaimed his innocence on the latest slew of charges that have been brought against him. His wife and son are his world now, not the gang that he was once a part of. He is being held partly because of his affiliation with the Crips. That was part of his past mistakes and he is reportedly on the straight and narrow after spending some time in the slammer. That is until he got busted with some pot in the car and guns, which a convicted felon cannot have.

He may be in jail, but the 30-year-old could be the next big thing in the modeling world. He has an agent now and has reportedly signed a $30,000 modeling contract with Blaze Models. Unfortunately, it may be a little difficult for him to actually pose for pictures—he is still in jail on a million dollar bond. His mom’s attempt to raise $25,000 for a retainer for a good defense lawyer isn’t working out well. She has only managed to get just over $3,500. He could be in there a while at this rate.

If the man has truly turned his life around, the money could actually give him what he needs to make a fresh start. Get the damn gang tats removed and move to an area that doesn’t require you to tote around an AR-15 for “protection,” as his family claims. In fact, the number of guns in the car seems a little excessive, unless he was planning on a terror attack and he was going to be the hero and save America. He insists the guns were to “back someone up off me,” and not to “kill people.” Don’t you hate when somebody backs up on top of you?

His agent, Gina Rodriguez, says she took him on as a client because he deserves a chance and she doesn’t buy into all the charges lodged against him. She represents a slew of other D-List reality stars, so it isn’t like the guy is going to be scoring the next Calvin Klein billboard, but he might as well make the most of his 15 minutes of fame.

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