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Hottie of the Week: P!nk

This week, we celebrate the respectable bad-ass, P!nk.
Hottie of the Week: P!nk
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When it comes to role models, P!nk should be at the top of everyone’s list.  Unfortunately, she is continually snubbed time and time again by those who decide the annual Grammy nominations, winning only three awards in the past twelve years, two of which being for her collaborations with other artists. 

P!nk has yet to see one of her albums win a Grammy.  Her song “Trouble” won in 2004 for “Best Female Rock Vocal Performance,” but it’s almost an insult that this was the only Grammy she has ever won as a solo artist, considering the fact that she has much better material than this in her repertoire.

Well, we’re not those people.  We’re here to celebrate and appreciate the awe-inspiring P!nk who never fails to surprise us, which usually turns out to be a good thing.

When it comes to her music, the quality of P!nk’s hits average out to about one excellent song (“Sober,” “U and Ur Hand”) per every two that are “meh” (“Who Knew,” “So What”).  But P!nk’s true magic lies not in her hits but in her albums, as if she’s rewarding us for buying her records by giving us her more vulnerable and authentic material - i.e. the “good stuff.” 

Songs like “Crystal Ball” (Funhouse),  “Conversations with My 13 Year-Old Self” (I’m Not Dead), and “Dear Diary” (Missundaztood) show off P!nk’s unmatched ability as a lyricist when comparing her to the majority of female pop artists out there today.

But it’s not just her music that makes us love P!nk.  She is an amazingly chill chick that you could easily picture yourself having a drink with at your local bar.  When she knew hubby Carey Hart was the one for her, she wasn’t going to wait around for him to take her hand in marriage - she proposed to him while he was in the midst of competing in a Mammoth Lakes motocross race!  And if that weren’t cool enough, when Hart pulled over to accept her proposal, P!nk made him finish the race because she wasn’t about to “marry a loser.”  Bad ass!

After the couple briefly separated in 2008, Hart appeared in P!nk’s music video for “So What,” her song that addressed their separation.  Not something you’d imagine that an ex would be willing to do, especially so soon after the split when other couples would probably be at each other’s throats.  Because they were so mature and forth-coming about their troubled relationship, this earned the couple some solid cool points.  They then went on to marriage counseling where they ultimately worked things out and reconciled in 2010. 

In June of the following year, P!nk gave birth to their first child, daughter Willow Sage, and the couple have been happy together ever since, a testament to the fact that if you both really want the relationship and work hard enough at it, sometimes it can be saved.  P!nk and Hart regularly post their love for each other on Twitter, and it’s downright adorable.

P!nk is beloved because she stands up for what she believes in, like protecting Taylor Swift, and she has stated time and time again in several of her songs how important it is to be yourself (“Do What You Do,” “F**kin’ Perfect,” “Raise Your Glass,” “Stupid Girls”).  In that sense, she’s kind of like the biker-chic version of Lady Gaga, talking to her “little monsters.”

In addition to being beautiful on the inside, P!nk is also beautiful on the outside.  She has voiced her support for the wildly successful and effective P90X workout routine in the past, and she has even personally worked with one of P90X’s famous trainers, Dreya Weber, for her acrobatic routines.  P!nk has also regularly posted photos of herself on Instagram riding bikes or doing other active and outdoorsy things, and she has one rockin’ bod for someone who gave birth a couple of years ago.

Bottom line: we love P!nk because she is the genuine article.  She doesn’t just talk the talk.  You can tell just by looking at her that she is one determined lady who will fight for what’s right, but who also has a softer side for her husband and daughter.  She cares about her body, and she cares about other people’s feelings. 

Also admirable is how P!nk has revamped her career so many times in such a short time span, going from hip hop to pop to rock and roll, and she has maintained our interest this entire time.  P!nk is always refreshing, always challenging, and will always remain one of our favorite singers of all time.

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