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How To Get Your Passport & Birth Certificate ASAP!

Traveling for pleasure or work can always bring unneeded stress no matter how much planning and preparing is done beforehand.
How To Get Your Passport & Birth Certificate ASAP!
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Traveling for pleasure or work can always bring unneeded stress no matter how much planning and preparing is done beforehand. Getting your passport at the last minute can be one of the most stressful things that any traveler can endure, this has easily been the worst personal experiences I had to go through. That is why I have decided to write down the steps I needed to do in order to get my passport 3 days before my intended flight to the UK,

The first thing you are going to need to do is get a birth certificate, but don't worry this is easy to get a quick copy too although it may take an additional 3 days. Vitachek is the #1 Government approved express route to obtaining Government documents. The process only takes 10 minutes and then your certificate will be FedExed to you in the fastest method you need, however the price will increase but sometimes that doesn't matter. I have had to use their services and will recommend them to anyone who was in the same stressful situation mere days before my flight.

Now that you have your birth Certificate or are waiting for it to come in the mail, you can set up the paperwork to bring it to the nearest Federal building which is the Passport Agency. Calling the number provided on the Passport Agencies website will prompt you will setting up an appointment. When the prompt asks you when you travel date is, then you will need to make sure you tell them the soonest date you can in order to get an appointment sooner rather than later.

With the Birth Certificate in hand and your State Driver License or ID, go to the appointment date you scheduled for the passport agency and show up 10 minutes early to get through all the security checks and metal detectors. Each states fees could be different, but I paid $140 to get my passport. A BIG piece of advice is to schedule your appointment earlier in the day, this will give you the option to pick up your passport the same day. Unfortunately I choose a 2:30pm time due to my location and had to come back another day (the day of my flight) to pick up my passport.

This is the fastest way I have gotten a passport and am looking to hear some information that can help make it even faster. Now it’s always easier to get this done when you aren't traveling and make sure it’s always on hand, but that’s not how traveling works sometimes. Stress just makes finally checking into the hotel and changing clothes after a 12 hour flight more appreciable. Leave your comments below with thoughts and ideas of the experiences you've had when traveling under stressful moments.

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