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How To Install Elementary OS Luna On The Acer & HP Chromebook Part 3

This is the finale page in the tutorial to install the the Elementary OS on the Acer and HP Google Chromebook models.

How To Install Elementary OS Luna On The Acer & HP Chromebook Part 3
Image Source: Jonathan Parkinson

This is the 3rd part of a 3 part tutorial on installing the Elementary OS on the Acer and HP Google Chromebook with crouton. Please make sure you start from the beginning when following this tutorial.

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Step 15: Now we are going to switch back over to Chrome OS, but first let's copy a file over to the Downloads folder by tying the following in the Terminal and then log out of Xfce in the top right corner of the Desktop.

sudo cp /usr/bin/nano ~/Downloads/

Step 16: Wait for the terminal in Chrome OS to finish closing down the Xfce Desktop, then type or copy and paste the following commands:

sudo mv ~/Downloads/nano /usr/local/bin/

sudo chown root:root /usr/local/bin/nano

Step 17: And lastly we will edit the final file by typing or coying & pasting one final set of commands:

cd /usr/local/bin

sudo cp startxfce4 startelementary

sudo gedit startelementary

Step 18: Find the following line,

exec startxfce4

and replace it with the following and then save the file and exit:

exec startelementary

Step 19: Congratulations You're Done! To start Elementary OS type the following command:

sudo startelementary

Remember to press CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-F1 or F2(Left/Right Arrow) to switch back and forwards between both Elementary OS and Chrome OS.

Step 20: Now you will want to make a few fixes to make your experience on Elementary OS enjoyable, so open up the Terminal by pressing CTRL-ALT-T and type the following command:

sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-lts-raring

You will need to press TAB button on your keyboard and highlight the OK button and press ENTER. Then press TAB again, but make sure nothing is checked in the boxes first though. Say OK to not install the GRUB after that and wait for everything to complete.

Step 21: Now LOGOUT of Elementary OS in the top right corner. You can log back into Elementary OS again by typing sudo startelementary


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