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Hunter Moore and His Hatred of Women

Hunter Moore became a professional life destroyer and used his website to promote revenge porn

Hunter Moore and His Hatred of Women
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In one of the most inflammatory stories ever to run across my computer screen comes the term “revenge porn” It’s most famous founder would be Hunter Moore, who has been called a professional life destroyer,( possibly the nicest thing ever said about the man) and they say no one can get a job in America anymore.

I guess it depends on the job I mean what sort of an image do you wish to convey to the world?  Do you want to go around South Florida during Spring Break and get a lot of drunken college coeds to flash you constantly so you can film them and then sell those videos, essentially exploiting these drunken girls who are in no position to put up a fight?  I suppose a few rapes or suggested threesomes are not out of the question either.  But, let’s get back to Hunter Moore and his issues with his hatred of women.

A young woman named Kayla Laws, back in October 2011posed for some personal photos in front of her own bedroom mirror and then simply stuck the photos in her inbox for safe keeping without showing them to anyone or posting them on any social media site.  Three months later in January she received a phone call that one of her topless photos had somehow made it on to the now defunct website

According to writer Emily Greenhouse of The New Yorker Magazine, “Hunter Moore’s Web site,, trafficked in images like Laws’s: nude pictures taken in private, usually of women. They were typically posted alongside screenshots from Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr—or any other social network that identified the person in the photo—perhaps with a snarky comment, or animated GIF. The photos were often submitted by bitter and jilted exes, a practice known as “revenge porn,” or obtained through more mysterious circumstances. Some women sent their photos directly to Moore, though in the end he didn’t care about their provenance.Before it effectively shut down in April, 2012, the site received some three hundred to three hundred and fifty thousand visitors a day, and made thousands of dollars a month, helping Moore become, in the words of Rolling Stone, “the most hated man on the Internet.” It was not an undeserved accolade. Billing himself as a “professional life ruiner,” Moore caused some women to quit their jobs and change their names; victims who spoke out were regularly mocked on a section of the Web site set up for that purpose. When Brandi Passante, a star of A&E’s reality show “Storage Wars,” sued Moore for defamation, he responded by sending her lawyer a picture of a penis. In March, on a radio morning show appearance, he threatened a morning radio d.j., “I’ll rape your fucking cohost in front of you.”

It is currently not a felony to upload a nude photo of someone without their permission (trust me, I have had more nude photos taken and put online without anyone every asking me for my permission, but I just assumed it was my own damn fault) and most of the women who end up naked on those sites are usually part of the “blame the victim” mentality by cops, FBI agents and their employers.  I guess if they ever developed a site specifically targeting naked men who are “professional” like say Brett Favre or movie stars or Congressmen, maybe the laws would change.  I am beginning to think there is an extreme hatred of women in this country and I wish there was some sort of answer.

They say Hunter Moore will be going to jail for a long time, but I am more of a gambler and I believe he will not only never spend any time in jail but he will get a nice multi-million dollar book and movie deal out of this whole mess, which has already ruined countless amounts of females with regards to their jobs in fact I believe there was one suicide over this (her name was Amanda Todd and she was cyber stalked and she did indeed commit suicide), but, hey obviously no one gives a fuck about them.  Just give that asshole Moore his millions for his story and all will be well.

The point is, they are going to turn cyber stalking into a career choice for people who need nothing more than a computer and a camera and maybe some basic hacking skills.  This is probably where this is heading, I hate the idea but bored and unemployed people turn to these kinds of solutions like organized crime and human trafficking or making meth.  I guess if you were faced with the lifelong choice of working at a McDonald’s or making $13,000 a month cyber stalking naked women and putting up photos of them on their website with the sole purpose to ruin their life, for some people there is no choice.

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