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I Did Not Travel Thousands of Miles to be Grossed Out

Half naked pictures of Putin adorn the hotel rooms of Sochi, 

I Did Not Travel Thousands of Miles to be Grossed Out
Putin half naked photo by New Yorker Magazine

It just keeps on getting better with the Sochi situation.  Sochi is a city in Krasnodar, Russia and it is the place where the Winter Olympics are being held for the next two weeks.  Alpine skiing, Biathlon Curling, freestyle skiing, ice hockey, luge, short track and speed skating are some of the events that will be viewed live and on television as the next two weeks unfolds.

So far we have seen a very beautiful skier give unsolicited advice to the actresses and models at some of the parties being given at Sochi, such as please eat a cheeseburger. 

However, and this might be my favorite situation of Sochi so far, according to The New Yorker Magazine writer Andy Borowitz reports, “ there  are many portraits of a shirtless Putin in many of the hotel rooms adorning Sochi and the many  tourists who are stuck in the hotel rooms  “With the Olympics underway, hundreds of visitors to Sochi are complaining that they checked into expensive hotel rooms only to find them decorated with seminude portraits of Russian President Vladimir Putin.The portraits, showing Mr. Putin shirtless and riding a variety of mammals, adorn the walls of virtually every hotel room constructed especially for the Olympics and were created at a cost of over two million dollars, Olympic officials said.”

One visitor to Sochi, “Tracy Klugian, who travelled from Ohio with his wife to attend the Sochi Games, said that he was appalled to find his hotel room dominated by a gigantic portrait of a shirtless Putin riding what appears to be a bear.”

In possibly my favorite statement ever given to a reporter Mr. Klugian, stated to the New Yorker Magazine and written by Andy Borowitz, as said in his own words “I did not travel thousands of miles just to be grossed out.”

Thanks for that honest statement Mr. Klugian, and take a good look at Gary, Indiana someday, because some of us feel exactly the same way while traveling through parts of Ohio.  I mean Chicago is kind of like that too, well a half-naked Putin is probably grosser but I am not really an authority of what is and what is not aesethically pleasing to the eye, so I guess it is kind of a toss-up.  However I certainly wouldn’t want to travel half way around the world to be “grossed out” I would rather travel half way around the world to be amused.

Again, in Putin’s defense, this was his statement of such events, “For his part, President Putin has been dismissive of the complaints, today calling the hotel guests “babies who cry. ”These people who are complaining about what is on their walls should be grateful,” he said. “At least they got one of the hotel rooms with walls.”

Hotels with walls, thank you so much, Mr. Putin, at least my daughters get to sleep comfortably in their own beds at night and not have to have sex with 20 to 60 strange men as part of the human trafficking problem that may have very well originated in your country during the 90’s.  I am so grateful and will not be complaining, but hey it’s only a rumor

In the decade since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the world has become the target of a new global crime threat from criminal organizations and criminal activities that have poured forth over the borders of Russia and other former Soviet republics such as Ukraine. The nature and variety of the crimes being committed seem unlimited — trafficking in women and children, drugs, arms trafficking, stolen automobiles, and money laundering are among the most prevalent”   That is just according to writer Jim Kouri of




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