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Ian Somerhalder, Changing The World

Ian Somerhalder not just another pretty face

Ian Somerhalder, Changing The World

He may play a sometimes-menacing vampire on the hit CW series, The Vampire Diaries, but Ian Somerhalder, the man, is anything but menacing. From the moment he entered the entertainment world Somerhalder has become one of the hottest faces in the business. This heartthrob has fans swooning at every turn, but it isn’t just his looks and incredible talents that brings fans to a crumble it’s his generosity and devotion to bettering the world that truly grips people’s hearts.

In December of 2010 the popular actor founded the Ian Somerhalder Foundation in the hopes of empowering, educating and working with people across the globe to create a positive impact on the planet and all that inhabit it.

The foundation was Somerhalder’s first step towards bettering the world we live in and a wonderful way to use his fame for good. The Vampire Diaries actor has been spreading his message across the globe and involving him in some important projects, ones that stand to change the way we view the world.

Recently Somerhalder has become involved in a television series airing on Showtime called, “Years of Living Dangerously,” with fellow celebrities such as, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Don Cheadle, Jessica Alba, Matt Damon, Harrison Ford and many more. The series will touch on various topics of worldwide issues involving the environment, the earth’s inhabitants and much more. Each episode will feature a new celebrity host all-vying to get the word out about a subject that means the most to then. So it came as no surprise that Somerhalder joined in a project such as this.

With the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, the selfless celebrities is giving back to communities who need it most while spreading the word about changes that must be made in our world to give our future generations a better life.

As journalists we often obligated to write about the celebrity in their Hollywood persona but with Ian Somerhalder we felt it far more important to share all the good he is doing in the world. We felt it more crucial to tell the story of a man simply trying to make the world a better place and using his talents and his job to give him a platform to do so.

Ian Somerhalder - we commend you for all you do and we stand by you in your quest to better the world and educate others.

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