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Ingress Conventions Are Coming Soon

Which side are you on?

Ingress Conventions Are Coming Soon
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GOOGLE-- Can you remember that social game Google came out with called Ingress? Well don't worry if you don’t, but users who did manage to jump onboard have never left and the community no matter what side you're on has grown significantly. Recently Ingress had one of its many meetups, this time in Tokyo Japan, the Mount of people that showed up was proof the game caught on and is still growing strong with 5,000 at this meetup alone.

With augmented reality becoming a hot topic over the last few years, Google is looking to push this game even further as a planned “convention” is in the works. How soon is this going to happen? Well Niantic Labs who is owned by Google and created the game Ingress stated at this years South By Southwest that this would happen before this year is over.

The game relies on real life landmarks, locations and a variety of other areas to allow players to hack, own or take over destination and defend them once traveled too. The game is split into two teams, the Enlightened and the Resistance, each team has hundreds of thousands of players worldwide. Google uses the game to help improve their mapping system while also promoting gamers to explore their surrounding area and meet new people.

Unfortunately a convention isn't set in stone just yet, but it was reassured that this was a most likely scenario going forward. The inspiration is said to have come from other socially active games that have had a lot of success with conventions, like Minecraft and Eve Online.

Location based gaming is going to be another genre in the still growing gaming market, and Google is looking to be a major part of the progression. Ingress has only been around for 2 years and the following has been remarkable, especially when one stops to realize that no marketing has been done for it besides the initial first few months.

Download Ingress for Android here:

Download Ingress for iOS here:

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