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Inside The Final Ride With Niko Nicotera

Inside The Final Ride With Niko Nicotera
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There are exciting, thrilling and intense television shows and then there’s Sons of Anarchy, a series that was like any other. The FX hit series, written and created by the brilliant Kurt Sutter, became an instant hit with viewers and gave the network a show that was both enticing and violently endearing. The series, about a California motorcycle club and one member’s struggle to reclaim his father’s vision for the club, rode for seven jaw-dropping seasons before bowing out a few weeks ago in one epic final ride. So what made this series so addicting, aside from Sutter’s fantastic writing, the characters of course.

It seemed as though each member of the club, even the ones we loved to hate (ahem, Clay Morrow), had something unique to offer every episode including the member the club called, Ratboy. With a name like that there had to be an inspiring and talented individual playing the role and that unique individual was none other than the severely talented, Niko Nicotera.

Nicotera made Ratboy become one of the most beloved characters on the series and a club member that viewers hoped would outlive the series. In a show with so much violence and edge-of-your-seat material, Ratboy breathed fresh air onto the screen and allowed fans the ability to truly connect with another character.

Sad as we are that Sons of Anarchy has taken it’s final ride we are twice as thrilled that we were given the opportunity to speak with Nicotera about Ratboy and what it was like filming those final episodes of one of the most popular shows on television.


BECCA ROSE: What was it like for you filming the final season of Sons of Anarchy?

NIKO NICOTERA: It was certainly emotional, but it was also a great feeling being there in the finale as it was such a big event.

BR: Ratboy became a fan favorite over the last year or so, why do you think fans connected so well with him?

NN: I think the audience possibly connected with him because he offered them an outside perspective on what it means to earn your way into SAMCRO.

BR: Did you have any methods that you used to get into the mind frame of Ratboy before filming?

NN: Honestly for me, once I put on the costume, and especially the Cut, I felt something else take over, I feel like the Mythology built around that SOA cut kinda brought some weight that informed who Rat Boy should be.

BR: Have you had any interesting fan encounters that have really stuck with you that you can share?

NN: Well they have all definitely been interesting, Picking a specific one is hard, what really stands out over all though is how familiar and personable everyone has been, just really friendly and supportive. But I do think that’s down to the world Kurt Sutter has created and how familiar people feel with the characters. It is one big family really.

BR: Do you have any new projects that you’re working on that we can tell our readers about?

NN: I did some work on Gotham, which should be out soon, and have a few projects, which we’re waiting to hear more on. So hopefully I can tell you more soon! 

BR: Where can fans keep up with what you’re doing? Are you on social media?

NN: Yeah, I’m on Facebook so you can find me there, I should be setting up public Niko Nicotera Music page shortly as well which I will post upcoming projects and music projects too...Hopefully see you there!


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