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Installing SimpleScreenRecorder On Ubuntu 14.04/14.10

The SimpleScreenRecorder is the best open source program for Linux
Installing SimpleScreenRecorder On Ubuntu 14.04/14.10

UBUNTU-- Recording your desktop environment can be useful for many things, whether it is for a tutorial such as the one associated with this article or even some gameplay of a video game. The SimpleScreenRecorder is the best one for Linux computers and is also available for free as it is an open source program.

To install the SimpleScreenRecorder just open up your terminal and type or copy and paste the following commands exactly.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:maarten-baert/simplescreenrecorder

the  type or copy and paste,

sudo apt-get update

and finally type the last command inside your terminal,

sudo apt-get install simplescreenrecorder

You can close the terminal now and open up the SimpleScreenRecorder from your menu bar, if you are using the Unity desktop environment, then you can just type the first few letters of a program and it should find it for you inside the search box. Now that we have the initial program installed we will want to install some extra stuff on 64bit computers so it will allow us to record 32bit applications on the 64bit PC.

To do this just type or copy and paste the following command in your Terminal,

sudo apt-get install simplescreenrecorder-lib:i386

There you have it, you can now use the SimpleScreenRecroder on a 64bit and a 32bit computer, remember the last command we just entered is only for the 64bit computer, that will already be activated on 32bit.

To uninstall the SimpleScreenRecorder you can just open back up the terminal and type or copy and paste the following,

sudo apt-get remove simplescreenrecorder

If for any reason you are having issues with this guide or there has been some changes to the process, you can leave a comment below and I will attempt to get back to you ASAP. Head on over to if you are not there already to find the original article and a better chance for a response.

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