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Interview with David Levine founder of Geostellar, a Sustainable Solution Oriented Company

Geostellar is a four year old company that is trying to implement solar energy into private homes across the land so we can be less dependent on oil and gas.

Interview with David Levine founder of Geostellar, a Sustainable Solution Oriented Company
photo by David Levine

Once again I get to visit one of the most beloved towns in the area, Shepherds town, West Virginia, a quiet and quaint, teeny tiny college town and a thriving boutique, mom and pop owned downtown.  I am on a mission to interview Chief Executive Officer, David Levine of Geostellar. Located at 224 West King Street in Martins burg, West Virginia

We meet up at Mellow Moods Café and Juice bar on 119 West German Street in Shepherds town.  They have an extensive breakfast and lunch menu at reasonable prices, and their coffee is outstanding. They serve everything, oatmeal, bagels, eggs and these incredibly nutritious smoothies.

What I immediately notice about David Levine, he has this magnetic presence the minute he enters the cafe.  Everyone knows him, they are all friendly, and they seem to adore him.  The town is very small and everyone knows everyone, plus there is this college in the center of town and the non-college students tend to stand out, I also notice that in Shepherds town, the college kids have their own hangouts and the “adults” have their own hangouts as well.

I meet a man named “Storm” who walks around with no shoes on his feet.  There is a group of professionals in one corner having a laptop meeting but still interacting with the rest of the clientele.  There is no elitism in this town, everyone is treated with dignity and respect no matter who you are.

Geostellar is an outstanding company that is building sustainable energy usage through solar powering private homes at a cheaper cost than using gas or electricity.  David shows me his computer program that he wrote himself that immediately assesses a private home and its current electricity usage and where it is placed in the sun and if it can be made into a more energy efficient home with the going solar.  David began the company exactly four years ago and he currently has 20 employees.

My company, Geostellar, integrates every one of my interests: the environment, the economy, policy and aesthetics. I get to be everything I ever wanted to be when I grew up.”

He travels a lot, mostly to California and Arizona where the sun is always on, and solar usage is more effective in those areas.  He also mentions that he is getting a lot of business in Connecticut because their utility bills are the highest in the country. 

David Levine is a Yale graduate, he has an extensive professional background, and he was in the Peace Corps for a time.  He even edited books for The World Bank back in the 1990’s and he wrote and published one of the first online books back in 1991, prior to the big internet PC explosion.  He had to do it all in code back when using  a computer was once a very difficult operation if you didn’t have friends from MIT to help you out.

He also talks fondly of his old band "Senator Flux" back in the 1990’s that was very popular in Japan.  He appears to be such a real individual and I believe his company shows enormous growth potential and opportunity.  His program can show you immediately and accurately how much you would pay for energy costs if you went solar or if you stayed with electricity.  In most instances solar seems to save more money.

He plans to give me a grand tour of his facility in the future, and I am hopefully, going to get more involved with the local sustainability community that promote these innovative and cutting edge technological advances that can help us all move away from oil and gas and be less dependent on those resources.


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