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Is Gypsy Girl Found in Roma Camp the Kidnapped Lisa Irwin?

Parents of Lisa Irwin are hoping the little girl found in the Roma camp is their missing daughter.
Is Gypsy Girl Found in Roma Camp the Kidnapped Lisa Irwin?
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Police have received upwards of 10,000 tips and inquiries about the little girl found in a Gypsy camp last week. One couple from America has added their names into the hat of possible parents of the child. Many probably remember the story of baby Lisa Irwin who went missing from her bed two years ago. The Irwins are holding out hope that rescued girl is their daughter who went missing. The little girl who was rescued from the camp has been dubbed, “Maria” and is still living in a charity as police comb through the thousands of bits of information from hopeful parents all around the world. Those parents have had a child kidnapped and are hoping by some miracle this little girl could be theirs.

Of the tips that have come in, police say only about eight currently missing children could be little Maria. Sadly, the likelihood Maria is Lisa Irwin is slim. Originally, authorities were led to believe Maria was 4 years old. But after a dental exam, they now believe she is probably around 5 or 6. Going by home video taken by the gypsies, they have had the little girl for several years. Why are they lying about her age if they have nothing to hide?

Her blonde hair makes her a hot commodity and the head of the charity that has custody of Maria right now explains she may not have been sold because traffickers would try and get a higher price for her because of her looks. Kostas Yannopoulos explains, “When you have a good commodity like this one, they're trying to find a better price, because they will use also this little girl in the streets of Larissa to beg, because she was blonde, and everybody say she was cute.”

As of right now, authorities are not ruling out the idea Maria is Lisa Irwin. Her parents have high hopes their baby has been found. Lisa’s mother says her daughter was big for her age then and could possibly be mistaken for being much older today. Authorities will have to evaluate each case and if there is a chance Maria could belong to the Irwins or another couple, the next step would be to get a DNA sample from the parents for comparison.

Police have hit a bit of a dead end with trying to properly identify Maria. Her profile isn’t matching up to any missing person’s reports on file, but that doesn’t mean much. As of right now, American law officials in Greece say there are no American connections for them to follow up on. Sadly, the couple’s original story that a woman gave them the child a long time ago could be very true. In fact, Maria may have actually been sold by her birth parents, which would explain why there was never a missing person’s report. It is a sad, sad world we live in when children are sold like horses or a bag of potatoes.

The Gypsy people have long been associated with human trafficking, but it is unfair to assume the worst just yet. Several people from the Roma camp have come forward and claimed Maria was cared for and treated just fine. In fact, pictures from the bedroom in the couple’s house shows she was truly treated like a princess. She had the only room in the house and it was decked out with all kinds of toys and plenty of shoes and clothes.

Hopefully, Maria’s biological parents are one of the leads police are following. It would be a miracle to reunite this little girl with parents who have been looking for her. If it turns out she is truly an orphan, she will have the chance to be adopted by a loving family.

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