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Is Odesk a Complete and Total Scam?

Check out the Odesk scams on Google, they go on for a while.

Is Odesk a Complete and Total Scam?
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So once upon a time Ii was suggested to me that I apply to this website called Odesk and it was a place where one could put up a portfolio of  work and find temporary jobs as a freelancer making upwards of ^gasp^ $15.00 an hour for whatever freelance jobs that were out there. Odesk of course takes 10% of your earnings as the middleman.

In the course of like four months I came to realize that the website is a complete scam. My first joke of an experience was when I attempted to apply for a couple of jobs at first but then I gave up because no one ever got back to me.

So one day I hear from this company and they are from China and they ask me to do a trial run on a marketing assignment before they will even consider hiring me at all.  Basically, I have to do a marketing review of a company like H&M clothing or Sodexo, and they give me a copy of some sort of ideal paper and they want me to find all the flaws and correct the paper and how can it be better, etc etc.

So I go to work, I have an MBA that I have yet to use at all, so I go in to this with absolute enthusiasm and thinking what a great learning experience, I am so up to the task.  I get asked these questions and I start to realize they are indeed, sending me college students Marketing 101 assignments from China written in English that didn’t always make sense to me.  They are putting pressure on me to completely turn these papers around in like 48 hours or else they are worthless to “the client”  I have no actual proof but I believe this was in effect a bunch of college kids who could not be bothered to do the research themselves so they were blatantly cheating and buying these papers on odesk.  They had no fear; they were pretty shameless about what they were doing.

My second assignment was from a client in India who wanted me to write this erotic story about a girl and a boy of college age and their first sexual experience.  I wrote that story in no time at all it was five pages long and I had two versions written.  I based one version about a man I knew who was half Indian and half French and spent a lot of time in India so I knew a little about creating a fantasy about him, the second version, which was the version I ended up publishing myself was about this guy I knew in high school who is a huge Hollywood actor today. The story about the man in India was stolen and I never heard from the client ever again.

Surfing the web for odesk scams you come across so many, and I wish I had done that research before I ever allowed them into my world.  The third job I was offered, I was called on a Saturday and demanded to go to Western Union to wire them money so I could get “equipment” for some computer program they wanted, needless to say that was enough for me.


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