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Is The World Becoming A More Hateful Place To Live Or Are The Voices Of The Web That Loud?

An Opinionated Look At Why

Is The World Becoming A More Hateful Place To Live Or Are The Voices Of The Web That Loud?

EARTH-- You hear it from time to time by someone in the media on how it seems as if there is a steady rise in evil people. Though is this really the case? Most likely not, however putting it down as 100% fact as either a yes or a no is impossible since everyone's inner thoughts are going to be remaining just there, inside each of us.

What is drawing many people to speculate that this is the case? Is all generations thinking the same way or is it more specific to one to have the thought that there are in fact more evil people in the world? There will always be a place to raise these questions and these questions will always be raised, but let me try and put a little speculative thought as to why some people feel the world is a more evil place to live.

The World Wide Web…

Since the introduction of the Internet or more specifically the World Wide Web(WWW), the entire world as we knew it was radically overhauled into a new era. Today virtually everyone has a voice just as long as they have internet access, even tribes in 3rd world countries have begun to have new generations who have seen the internet, and that alone can dramatically change the shape of the tribes future.

Even though the Web can be used for good in most cases, it is also a portal to the rest of the worlds populations front door. The media has learned that people of the masses tend to tune into bad news over good news, so their online outlets are focusing on the bad news. Murder, rape, racial, theft and war all make up 90% of the national headlines, even the so called “World News” focuses on anything horrible. Almost to the point it feels as if it is a type of deterrent to keep people from traveling less and spending their money in their country.

Social Media….

Rational thoughts have been hijacked through the evolution of social media. Prior to the popularity of having a social media account, people who spoke openly about a said topic will have to deal with the results first hand. Today people can hide behind their screens, create fake accounts and publicly ridicule something or someone they don't agree with.

Disagreeing isnt the problem, however taking it to a level where slander, threats or something along those lines is becoming the norm isn't. Children make up the most part of this, them being picked on or not much of an anybody in terms of popularity at their schools may cause them to reach out in these hateful manners.


The internet is the main reason most of these “the world is evil” views are talked about. Getting more info today in a single hour over we would have gotten in an entire month prior to the 1990’s makes it a bit overwhelming. This is why it is the older generations or those that have been taught about life in a bubble tend to speak out more on the evils of the world.

There will be good things and bad things in life no matter what, it causes the balance that is needed where you like it or not. What is evil to you may be a cultural lifestyle to others, what is considered slander to you may be a tongue in cheek joke to another. With the World Wide Web we all have a voice, and some of our voiced opinions may be about how we don't like something, though that shouldn't mean the world should conform to you no matter how sad or unfortunate it might be.

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