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Jamie Campbell Bower Ignites New York City

Jamie Campbell Bower Ignites New York City

New York City has always been home to the most creative of characters and involved in some of the most unforgettable free shows, including a few wacky people who were simply unforgettable. Last night however, was a night to remember for one simple reason…Jamie Campbell Bower. 

For those of you living under a rock, Jamie Campbell Bower is an extremely talented model, musician and actor whom you might recognize from The Twilight Saga, Sweeney Todd, or The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. His band the Darling Buds has been doing pop up concerts in various cities around the world and last night Bower did one in Union Square.

The event was meant to be a low-key event with Bower and an acoustic guitar as his band members sat this show out. However, the event turned into a night of screaming teenage girls who quite literally were throwing themselves at the talented Bower.

As a fan of the actor’s this writer attended the show to support his music and hopefully get a chance to speak with him to thank him for his incredible work and possibly try to set up an interview with him and the rest of his band. Of course, with the rowdy crowd of uncontrollable teens it became clear that this would not even be remotely possible. Initially this writer had a wonderful view and even got in a few decent pictures but impending doom crept around every corner as the rain poured down and park security stalked over to the massive crowd of screaming girls.

As the show began the fans immediately chased Bower down and forced him into a corner completely surrounded, a situation that the sensational talent took in stride simply thanking the fans for their incredible support. For someone who is so beloved Bower is one of the most humble people this writer has encountered.

With nothing but an acoustic guitar it was difficult to hear Bower clearly over the hoards of screaming, talking fans, but the musician started the evening with the popular song, “Waiting,” and immediately fans showed him just how loved he was as they sang every single word along with him. It was clear he was flattered, as the smile never seemed to leave his face.

Admittedly Bower was intimidated by the amount of people who came out to show their support for him. None-the-less he pushed through and found a way to eliminate the chaos and clutter that is New York City and allow the crowd to indulge in the brilliance of sheer talent.

In between songs Bower took time to constantly thank the fans and even interact a little bit with a few of the lucky ones who were able to get up front. As this writer expected, security made their way to where fans had jumped the fence to stand as close to Bower as they could and forced them back into the park, this writer included. Initially security wanted the group to disburse but Bower insisted that he had received permission from the park to do the event and wanted to make sure the fans got the concert they deserved. “Waiting,” was followed by the extremely catchy tune, “Get Your Gun.” Bower’s soulful voice rang out among the chatter and the busy New York streets that surrounded him. Each lyric seemed to be more powerful than the next and his voice only got better as the night drew on. It was clearer then ever that he truly is one of the most talented people this writer has ever seen.

This writer enjoyed every single song but there was one in particular that was highly anticipated and that was, “Better Man,” this writer’s favorite. A song that sounds even better live than this writer could have imagined. The show ended approximately forty-five minutes after it began with a song entitled, “Venice.” It was one of those shows that one never wants to end and when it does it makes one’s heart sink into their feet and they’re left yearning for more.

Bower is a one-of-a-kind individual and it came as no surprise that he ended the show by crowd surfing through the avid fans. A sea of bodies flew past this writer as Bower soared overhead and when his feet hit the ground he took off for the SUV waiting to take him away from the screaming girls, a sound that was reminiscent of the reception The Beatles would receive.

In conclusion, the pop-up concert was the perfect way to spend a Saturday night and Bower’s music, and that of the Darling Buds, Bower’s band, is absolutely marvelous and should be spread far and wide.

It is this writer’s hope to someday interview Bower and his band mates about their incredible music and the impact they have on their fans all over the globe. Until then we will continue to show our support for him as best we can.

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