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Jason Rogel is Making Working Fun

Jason Rogel is Making Working Fun
Vince Trupsin.

Let’s be honest, going to work every day is not something we always enjoy, although some of us are blessed with jobs we love. However, workplace comedies are some of our favorites and we recently caught up with the fantastic, Jason Rogel who is set to star in the new ABC Family comedy, Kevin From Work.

Here is what we learned about Rogel and his wonderful new role:

BECCA ROSE: What can our readers expect from “Kevin from Work?”

JASON ROGEL: Lot’s of laughs and crazy, fun characters to get to know and adore. And at the heart of it all, a sweet, charming love story.

BR: Tell us about Ricky.

JR: Ricky is Kevin and Audrey's co-worker. He is basically the office gossip, and has his nose in everyone's business. He is also a bit of a wild card--one minute he is helping you with a project, the next he is writing you up for some random office violation. But somehow he is still lovable.

BR: What is your favorite quality of Ricky’s?

JR: I like that Ricky is ambitious. He is willing to do whatever it takes to be on top, which is not to say, he always goes about things the right way, but that determination is definitely there.

BR: What other projects are you working on?

JR: I just finished shooting a twisted, dark comedy called, "Keloid”. I play a nurse that helps a woman take revenge on an ex-fiance who dumps her after she donates one of her kidneys to him. Lots of blood and body parts in this one--but it is a lot of fun. The film should be making the rounds in the festival circuit later this year.  I also have a couple of other projects in the works, and hopefully more episodes "Kevin from Work"!

BR: Are you on social media?

JR: Yes!  Come find me on Instagram, Twitter, and the Facebook ;)  


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