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Jena Sims - Showing Off Her Talents

Jena Sims - Showing Off Her Talents
Photo Credit: Ricky Dorn

Here at Dudley Media Group we’re always hoping to introduce our readers to talent that they might not know about yet, or if they do we want to give them even more. Some of you might recognize this beauty from The Vampire Diaries or One Tree Hill but whether you do or don’t you’re going to love her. Today we want to give our readers a look inside the talented world of Jena Sims.

BECCA ROSE: What can you tell our readers about KILL THE MESSENGER?

JENA SIMS: It's an eye-opener film. You really grow to love the character of Gary Webb portrayed by Jeremy Renner. Once you realize that Kill The Messenger is based on a true story it's pretty chilling. It's such an honor to be a cast member of a film that is beginning to get some exciting accolades!

BR: What was it like working alongside Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas and Robert DeNiro?

JS: DeNiro was all business! He was so prepared, he showed up on set when needed, did his work, and was very professional about it. Michael just oozed confidence and experience. He was a delight to watch. Morgan was Mister Personality! He took time to take photos with the extras and is incredibly humble.

BR: When was the moment you realized that acting was something you truly wanted to pursue?

JS: When I watched soap operas with my mom in the nail salon at a very early age. I remember thinking the women were so beautiful and I wanted to be like them!

BR: Where can our readers keep up with you? Are you on social media?

JS: I am all over social media! Any time my friends or myself make a funny joke or observation and I pull my phone out, they instantly know I am going to tweet it. If you hang with me, you will end up on the Internet! My username for both is @jenamsims. I also recently created a Facebook fan page.

BR: What other projects are you working on that we can tell our readers about?

JS: Later this fall, I will be working on a horror thriller called Down Angel and another project titled The Forest. I also run a non-profit organization and we are holding two of our events called "Pageant of Hope" this winter. Check out for more info!

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