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Jessica Meraz - The Spirit of 'Chasing Life'

Jessica Meraz - The Spirit of
Credit: Isaac Sterling

As you have probably guessed by now we are huge fans of the ABC Family hit series, Chasing Life. It is a series that has taken its audience and us by storm and only gets better as the weeks go on. Last season the character of Natalie was introduced and at first we didn’t know what to think. However, she has really turned a corner and now fans can’t get enough of the free-spirited half Carver and we here and Dudley Media Group can’t get enough of the talented actress behind Natalie, the lovely Jessica Meraz.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Meraz about her role on Chasing Life and what we can expect for the rest of this season.


BECCA ROSE: What can you tell our readers about what we can expect from Natalie the rest of this season?

JESSICA MERAZ: You’re going to see Natalie have some positive things happen in her life and how that affects everyone around her. She is also going to start to find her passion as well. 

BR: What is your favorite quality of Natalie’s? What’s your least favorite?

JM: My least favorite would be her need for value from sexuality. I think that is a way that she can quickly find self worth and a way to feel better about herself and I think that’s really sad. My favorite quality would have to be her independence. You could drop her off in any city in the world and she would survive it fine. I wouldn’t worry about her being able to survive anywhere.


BR: ‘Chasing Life’ covers a topic, cancer, which affects nearly everyone, what do you; think it is about the series that has been able to cover such a sensitive topic in such a flawless way?

JM: I think that the writers have been doing a great job of being sensitive to the very real material that we’re dealing with and wanting to give a really honest take of how it would be dealt with. Also keeping in mind that people still have their real lives aside from their illness that defines them. It is not the illness that defines them as they trying to overcome the disease and fighting it. It also does a good job of keeping in mind that even through struggles people can laugh and they can be upset or happy about other things.


BR: Other than acting, what are you most passionate about?

JM: I come from a really close-knit family and they are really on the forefront of my life. They are my fun, my love and my everything. I am also a big salsa dancer and living in Santa Monica they have a lot of really great salsa clubs so it’s really convenient for me. I also love everything having to do with athletics. I love Yoga, running, hiking and everything having to do with being outdoors in Santa Monica. I love the beach life.


BR: Do you have any projects coming up that we can tell our readers about?

JM: I just shot a pilot for TBS called, Quality Time, which is a comedy created by the guys behind the movie Super Troopers. I play one of guys very pregnant wive's. Hopefully that will get picked up. We just finished the pilot last week. I am also going to be appearing as a drunk narrator in an episode of Drunk History on Comedy Central. 


Chasing Life airs Monday nights at 9p/8p central on ABC Family

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