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Jessica Simpson Loses 60 Pounds, Keeps Weight Watchers Deal

Jessica Simpson Loses 60 Pounds, Keeps Weight Watchers Deal
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Jessica Simpson lost 60 pounds of baby weight she picked up over a two year time span. She has managed to lose the tummy and save her weight watchers deal in the process.


Jessica gave birth to Maxwell, her first child back, in 2012, and dropped 50 pounds like water. Just before reaching her goal weight of 60 pounds she got pregnant again with her second child Ace. After the children were born, Jessica quickly focused back to getting in shape.


As soon as she was medically cleared by doctors, Jessica got back on Weight Watcher’s Simple Start Plan. Jessica cut out all the bad eating habits and focused on dieting that consisted of high protein foods and fiber. She has a personal trainer that she works out with three days a week and she focuses on walking 10,000 steps a day.


Jessica is going to be marrying Eric Johnson soon and is trying to become her best self before the event. Her personal trainer, Harley Pasternak, told Life & Style that the star has transformed more than just her body during the process.


Pasternak said, “she’s keeping a healthy house. Her fridge is filled with almonds, other nuts and tons of water, and she always has vegetables to munch on.”

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