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Joe Girardi Has A New Offer To Think About

Joe Girardi gets to make the big decision of whether he wants to manage the Yankees or Cubs. Which one will he pick?

Joe Girardi Has A New Offer To Think About
Photo Credit: MATT SLOCUM/AP
The end of the 2013 baseball season has cost the New York Yankees quite a bit, including two of their core-four members, Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte. And, now manager Joe Girardi has been approached by the Chicago Cubs to take over the role of their former manager, Dale Sveum. 

The rumors began spreading upon Sveum’s exit that the move was taken against him because they had a bigger name in mind for their managerial position. The move from Sveum to Girardi is one that would prove to be beneficial for Theo Epstein, however the Yankee manager would be taking a major risk if he were to accept the job.


The Yankees are not only losing two valuable players and not going to the world series, but another team has honed in on their beloved manager. The Cubs went after Girardi in their attempt to get to the post season, a feat that many managers have been trying, unsuccessfully, to do. The Cubs, led by Epstein, have been trying to model their team after the Red Sox, but owner Tom Ricketts has been clinging pretty tightly onto the team as it is. This is where the Cubs want Girardi to step in however, for Girardi to go from a championship team to a team that is struggling to stay afloat. 


The one positive about the Cubs could be that they have a few minor leaguers who have the potential to be spectacular, but is that even enough to entice Girardi to leave his multiple time championship team? Then again, Girardi went to Northwestern and has played for the Cubs so it is possible the desire is there for him to venture back to a more challenging team to work for. Unfortunately for the Cubs they have gone through a slue of managers who thought they could turn the team around including, Zimmer, Baker, Piniella, Grimm and many more, all who tried and failed to take this struggling team to the post season. It is a feat that the Cubs have not accomplished since 1908 and they are starting to feel the desperation to succeed.


Much to the media and the Cubs surprise rumors have spread that Girardi has been expressing interest in accepting the Cubs’ offer and joining their struggling team. It is not known however, if these rumors were put in place to see how legitimate the offer the Cubs made is. Of course, this move may end up just being another experimental trial to see if someone with Championship experience can take the Cubs to the postseason, for the first time in well over a century. The decision by Joe Girardi of whether or not to move to the Cubs from the Yankees remains to be seen but it is clear that Yankee fans are not yet ready to loose another iatrical part of their beloved team.

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