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Jonathan Jaxson strikes again!

Jonathan Jaxson is at it again, but this time he has attacked Amanda Bynes. With all this publicity what happens now?

Jonathan Jaxson strikes again!

Amanda Bynes is currently getting help after the world watched her mental health steadily decline over the past six months, and as she embarked on an odd path of weird Twitter posts and erratic behavior. It was a long time coming, and now that she is finally in treatment for an undisclosed problem, the rumors about what really happened continue to float about the internet. Nothing a celebrity does is sacred.

Typically, the rumors are the result of the paparazzi and tabloids. It is pretty easy to disregard some of the more egregious information that comes from “sources” and “insiders.” However, when statements are issued by people who present themselves as official representatives, it is considered good as gold and taken as the gospel.

That would be a huge mistake apparently. Despite the delicate nature of Amanda’s condition, she is still being subjected to sabotage from the people who are supposed to be her friends. Apparently, Jonathan Jaxson, who once claimed Kim Kardashian as one of his clients, is sticking his nose into Amanda’s business. The dude decides he is a publicist for certain people whether they actually hire him or not. Who needs enemies when you have Jonathan in your camp?

Kim K already went through this with him and now it looks like Amanda will be forced to take legal action against the wannabe as well. This is the guy that made up some crazy story back in May about calling the police to Amanda’s apartment, because he was worried she was suicidal. The police have said the incident never happened.

Now, it sounds like Amanda and JJ made the whole thing up to get her a little free publicity. Nice. Then, Amanda bailed out of New York and headed for the sunny skies of the celebrity kingdom in Los Angeles. We kinda all know what happened from there. She had a couple more “incidents” and was finally taken to the hospital for her own good. Since she was forced stay to at Hillmont Psychiatric Center, Amanda’s mother has taken over as conservator of her daughter’s estate. And mama ain’t talking about her daughter’s affairs.

Jonathan decided to go on the record as her publicist and spouted a bunch of garbage, although well-written and it all sounded so legit, it was all lies. Rumors and gossip worded to sound like he had a clue as to what was going on. After Amanda’s stay was extended by a judge for an additional 30 days based on what doctors said, Jonathan decided he knew best and contradicted the doctor in a statement he delivered “exclusively” to Entertainment Tonight.  

A lawyer who is actually representing the family made it very clear that Jonathan is in no way, shape or form a representative for Amanda or her family. The man had the audacity to claim he had inside information. He worded it to make it seem as if Amanda’s mother had been talking with him. She hadn’t. It was all made up in his little head. Amanda’s mother, Lynn, was forced to hire a real attorney to basically put him on notice.

Jonathan has been forced to admit he was only representing Amanda out of the kindness of his heart. In fact, he has even admitted he has never talked with her since she left New York. He refers to himself as a papa bear because he and Amanda go way back. And isn’t that how you support your friends? You blab to the media and make up silly lies. For anybody who doesn’t know who the guy is, he used to be involved in the industry and acted as a publicist. He left the business in pursuit of a healthier work environment. Or, in other words, because he had planned on writing a tell-all book and nobody in their right mind would ever hire him again.

Obviously, he couldn’t help but chime in on this situation. It gave him about two and a half minutes of fame since his had almost faded out completely. Most people would rather not be made a fool of publically, but clearly, JJ doesn’t mind.

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