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Josh Zuckerman's 'Significant Mother'

Josh Zuckerman
Vince Trupsin

What would you do if you would out that your best friend was sleeping with one of your parents? Would you flip out and disown both your parent and your friend or would you accept that sometimes weird things just happen in life? Well, that’s exactly what the upcoming comedy, Significant Mother, explores.

Josh Zuckerman is no stranger to roles that have us rolling on the floor laughing, come on who can forget seeing him standing in that donut costume in, Sex Drive? Zuckerman is an extremely talented actor who has the ability to play any role given to him. However, his character, Nate in this new comedy series seems too perfect to be true.

We recently spoke with Zuckerman about his new role and here’s what went down:

BECCA ROSE: What can you tell our readers about "Significant Mother?”

JOSH ZUCKERMAN: IT IS AWESOME.  Seriously, it is everything you want from a comedy.  It is damn funny, it is infectiously charming and it is absolutely fresh and inventive.  From the writers to the cast to the directors, Significant Mother rocks.  But what is it about?  Well our show starts off when a young Portland restaurateur (myself) returns home from a business trip to discover that his best friend and roommate (Nathaniel Buzolic) has started sleeping with his Mom (Krista Allen).  That is the opening few minutes right there.  The rest of the show packs a punch of fun and adventure as my character tries to accept this highly unconventional and constantly evolving romantic relationship between his Mom and his best friend.  

BR: What makes this series so unique from other comedies?

JZ: What is so fantastic about our show is that every character in it has a specific and compelling relationship to all the other characters.  That is why I think our show is so funny!  Because the comedy is grounded in real relationships with characters that really care about each other.  This gave our writers so much room to put the characters in absurdly funny situations and allow them to react in the most hilariously irrational of ways.   You believe and love these characters even when they say or do some sometimes really goofy stuff.

BR: Do you feel your character behaves accordingly to finding out his friend is sleeping with his mother?

JZ: My character Nate is a bit of an over-reactor.  So while his behavior after this outrageous discover might be a bit high strung, it is definitely on par with how I or most anyone would react.  The five stages of grief model fairly accurately breaks down his reaction.

BR: What qualities about your character do you enjoy playing the most?

JZ: I love how by-the-books organized Nate is about his restaurant because his professionalism is constantly being challenged by the trouble stirred up around him and that conflict is so fun to play in.  I also love really leaning into playing Nate's OCD like germaphobia.  And what is particularly fun to play is the rare occasion when Nate allows himself to take the stuffing out of his shirt (so to speak) and let loose.     

BR: Where can our fans keep up with you? Are you on social media?

JZ: Yes! For moi:

Twitter:  @illbezucked

Instagram: @zuckermanjosh

For our show:

Twitter: @cwmother

Instagram: @cwsignficantmother

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