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Jury Duty, Some Think It's An Honor While Most Think It's A Pain

A Civic Duty Most Don't Want

Jury Duty, Some Think It
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USA-- When it comes to checking the mailbox there is only a few things that drive most citizens up the wall besides bills and plenty of junk mail. Jury duty is one of those things that seems to come at the worst opportunity, be it a holiday, during a planned vacation or something far more serious. Getting out of jury duty is somewhat simple just as long as you don't wait until the last minute, even then it is still a possibility.

First things first, if you are looking to get out of jury duty just know that a letter will pop up in your mailbox sooner rather than later. Postponing it is the first option and can be done so easily, just call the number listed on your badge prior to the weekend it states for you to do so. You can then ask for a new date up to 90 days into the future, though work related, family related or even travel commitments may add an additional year to the next time you get the notice to attend a jury duty.

Jury duty summonings is a step further than having to go to the DMV, one is the right to drive and or have a valid ID, while the other is considered a “civic” duty. Personally speaking I definitely think this entire “call in” situation can be averted as a new system is clearly needed to be put in place.

An example of how it can be changed in the state of California for example is the same sense in how the state driver license was overhauled. Those that are welcomed as new citizens into this country can also be first to serve as a jury member, for those that want to serve should also have the opportunity to put there name on a list.

Whether you want to be apart of Jury duty or not, with 350 million Americans I think it is safe to say we have enough people that would love to be apart of the process. However at the same time there are those of use that are on the cusp with plenty of obligations to fulfill in life without the random notice in the mail. We all have bills to pay, but some of us are on a week to week basis as one examples as to why serving jury duty may be a hassle that will result in more harm than good.

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