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Justin Bieber House Party Results in Unconscious Underage Girl

Justin Bieber threw a huge house party and one female was left unconscious.
Justin Bieber House Party Results in Unconscious Underage Girl
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Justin Bieber is becoming pretty famous for his bad boy antics. He parties hard and he plays hard. Unfortunately, not everybody can keep up with him and one young lady ended up passing out cold at a party Justin was hosting. People panicked and emergency services were called. If you want to party with the Biebs, you better be able to hold your liquor.

Early Saturday morning, an ambulance was called to Justin Bieber’s big, fancy mansion in Calabasas. Around 3 am, paramedics were called to the home because a 20-year-old female wouldn’t wake up. Somebody must have realized how bad that would all look and quickly called off the ambulance and said that a private party would get her to the hospital. Private party is code for one of Justin’s security people who would have to clean up the situation. It would never do to have an ambulance pull up to Justin’s home in the gated community. He already gets enough unwanted attention and certainly doesn’t need any more drama.

After trying to determine who was going to take the girl to the hospital and what the story would be, the young lady ended up waking up on her own. She reportedly insisted she didn’t want to go to the hospital. Come on! How embarrassing would that be?! Instead, she asked to be taken home. Obviously, Justin Bieber’s team was all too happy to oblige.

Although nobody is talking about the incident, because duh, they can’t, it is pretty obvious alcohol was involved. While it is suspected Justin Bieber’s other favorite vice, marijuana, was involved nobody can prove a thing. That is because to get into one of Justin’s parties, each person has to sign a confidentiality clause. He is tired of his personal life getting leaked to the press and has decided to make party goers sing agreements that if they blab, they owe him a cool $5 million.

One source is talking, but it is only to defend the Biebs. The insider explains the phone call to EMS was out of an “abundance of caution.” In fact, “There’s no issue.” Once the girl woke up, she was given some food and something to drink (hopefully no more alcohol) and sent on her way. She will likely not be invited back for any more parties. As of now, Justin’s people are not commenting on the situation. That is one way to make it go away. It will only be a matter of days before he does something else anyways and they can not comment then as well.

Justin Bieber is known for throwing some pretty serious parties much to the dismay of his neighbors. It is supposed to be a quiet community, but since Justin moved in last year, the neighborhood has gone to hell. Now the people who once enjoyed the private, gorgeous homes in their gated community are forced to deal with bratty teenagers who are clearly out of control. Cars racing up and down the roads and loud parties are the norm when Justin is in town. Heck, even when he is on another continent his “friends” use his house to terrorize the neighbors.

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