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Justin Bieber’s Brazilian Antics All A Hoax?

Justin Bieber getting more bad press

Justin Bieber’s Brazilian Antics All A Hoax?
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It seems as though Justin Bieber can’t keep himself out of the media frenzy and perhaps this is an intentional publicity move by his marketing gurus however, most of the buzz about, “The Biebs,” lately has been quite negative. While the saying goes, “there is no such thing as bad press,” if everything being written about someone is bad, doesn’t that eventually make it bad press?  It is this writer’s opinion that nearly all press about Bieber and his radical behavior is pretty bad. The pop singer has taken his celebrity status to a new level with his incredibly immature and entitled behavior over the last few months. From spray painting hotel walls to prank calling the elderly, Bieber has begun to redefine the word, “brat.”

Bieber has done a good job of keeping his personal life relatively private, this of course is due in part to the large bodyguards he has surrounding him at all times. One would think he was the president or the Pope with the amount of protection he has. These body guards cannot protect the singer from the bad press that has leaked into the media lately, perhaps if he toned down his bad behavior it would be easier for him to avoid bad press.

In recent news Bieber has been cited as causing havoc and misbehaving in Rio de Janerio. According to “Page Six,” of The New York Post, it was reported that Bieber had been partaking in the benefits of legal prostitution during his tour in South America. These reports however, depending upon who is asked, may or may not be accurate, though this writer believes they are valid. This isn’t simply based on speculation and rumor, there are paparazzi photos confirming these reports. One of the photographs depicted Bieber coming and going from various prostitute heavy locations. Another photograph showed two potential prostitutes leaving a brothel and being taken to the very hotel in which Bieber was staying.

Further evidence of Bieber’s sex adventures surfaced through YouTube videos this week that showed a prostitute expressing her joy and excitement about her private time with the singer. The video footage showed Bieber sleeping in the bed and the woman blowing the sleeping singer a kiss. However, despite the incriminating evidence that implies that Bieber did in fact partake in prostitute activities, there is no hard evidence to truly confirm or deny the accusations.  

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