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Kanye West Campaigning to Get Kim Kardashian Vogue Cover

Kanye West is pissed Anna Wintour won't put Kim Kardashian on the cover of Vogue.
Kanye West Campaigning to Get Kim Kardashian Vogue Cover
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Kanye West is used to getting what he wants and if he doesn’t get it, he pitches a fit. He has become famous for throwing some pretty epic and very public temper tantrums. He is a grown man, but he acts like an entitled child. Unfortunately for him, not everybody cares about his desire to get everything he feels he deserves he should have handed over to him. Kanye has met his match in Anna Wintour. The two are supposedly friends. However, it is probably one of those friendships that is very one-sided. As in Kanye wants to claim her as one of his inner circle and she could care less.

Anna Wintour’s cutthroat attitude has made her a woman to be reckoned with in the world of fashion. The movie, “The Devil Wears Prada” was fashioned after her. She is a scary woman, but that isn’t stopping Kanye from trying to throw his weight around. Kanye wants his baby mama, Kim Kardashian, to land the cover of Vogue. The Vogue cover is reserved for A-listers and models who have proven themselves to editor, Anna Wintour. Kim is neither, but Kanye thinks she should get the honor of having her face splashed on the cover.

According to the gossip, Kanye West was ticked at the fashion mogul for putting Lena Dunham on the cover of Vogue and passing up the chance to put Kim’s face on the magazine. Thank goodness for small miracles. The source says, “To Kanye, it’s insulting that his friend Anna is still refusing to even consider putting Kim on the cover of Vogue.” He supposedly confronted Wintour over the slight while at a recent event. Apparently, being on the cover of Vogue is a big deal for Kim. It will take her from a virtually talentless reality star to a real celebrity who is famous for something other than her big butt and willingness to have her life play out on television. He wants to give his baby mama everything she wants and that includes the ability to say she is a card-carrying celebrity.

An insider with Vogue has poo-pooed the story, but it does have a ring of truth to it. He has made his irritation with the Vogue folks known in the past. He complained to Ryan Seacrest that Kim Kardashian should be on the cover of Vogue. You have to read his statement to believe it. It will turn your stomach, “She’s like the most intriguing woman right now.” But that isn’t the worst part, “Collectively we’re the most influential with clothing.” Um, how about no?

Kanye West probably has pressed Anna Wintour to put Kim on the cover. Hopefully, the woman sticks to her guns and her morals and keeps her off the darn thing. Kim can go cover one of the other tabloids or something that she is so fond of. She is over-exposed as it is and Wintour probably knows this. She has no credible talent that would make her deserving of such a huge honor.

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